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2012-06-01 7

He has been a member of the Community for quite a long time already. And aside from developing his mad skills when it comes to taking analogue photos, his long-time participation in Lomography has changed a certain characteristic of his.

You all might know stitch by now — a Lomographer who hails from the Philippines, he is also known as Jimmy Hilario. With a thousand of stunning Lomographs in his LomoHome, this Lomographer sure is one guru when it comes to analogue photography.

So let us know more about Jimmy and his Lomo story in this month’s LomoDiary. Read as he spills a certain attribute of him that Lomography has altered through the years!

Name: Jimmy Hilario
Lomography Username: stitch
Location: Manila
Number of years as a Lomographer: 7 (since April 2005)
Number of years in the Community:  7 years

Kindly relate to us any memorable experience, whether happy or sad, you’ve had in relation to Lomography.

My first meeting with the Lomo Manila people was special. We met in Cubao-X in preparation for our first exhibit. We were building two LomoWalls. There we were. First time ever to meet, down on all fours, putting blue tac on 4R prints. The feeling was electric and memorable at the same time. It reminded me of my days in high school doing group projects.

Have you met good friends from the community?

I’ve made good friends from my Lomo Manila days. They are truly friends and peers. We’ve gone through a lot together. Some, I’ve introduced to Lomography.

Did Lomography play any significant part in your life that it actually changed it?

Lomography has been an alternative artistic expression fo me. I’m a graphic designer by profession so I do a lot of design work. 50% of design is imagery or photography. I’ve used my Lomo shots several times in actual design projects.

Credits: stitch

Tell us a story in which Lomography or the Lomographic Community has been a great part of. We’ll be glad to hear it.

In general, I’m a quiet and shy person but having a Lomographic cCmmunity forced me to go out and do things with people. We had many Lomo Walks and also exhibits back then. We also had lectures in Lomography which I participated in. Nothing like sharing what you love to do with others.

What are the emotions that best explain this story you have? What are your thoughts about it?

Lets just say I’m glad I was part of a Lomographic Community at some point in time. Recently, I’ve tried joining other groups but the bonding has never matched the enthusiasm I’ve had with people who love Lomography.

If ever this experience did not occur in your life, what kind of person are you right now? Are you not the same person without this experience?

I’d probably be a more reserved person. Hahaha.

Take a look into Jimmy’s selection of analogue photos, each with its own description

Salt and Pepper. This photo was one of my first Lomo shots. It exemplifies my attitude of shooting ordinary things that I encounter everyday. The photo would end up being one my popular shots in

Chairx. One of my first experimental double exposure shots with my Holga (120CFN) which would end up being a favorite effect or technique.

Leaking Heidelberg. Another popular photo in My work in a press has also influenced how I take photos. I would shoot pictures that I thought would be useful for my design work although I end up shooting anything under the sun.

Credits: stitch

Bungee. One of my last photos to appear in a Lomo Manila exhibit in Baguio. The shot itself is memorable because I took it together with a friend and we went to the mall just to take pictures; we didn’t buy or eat anything. Hard times and still happy.

Credits: stitch

Into the Light. The photo was composed as I was on my way to the mall. It kinda shows my Lomographic journey. I would end up being known for my double exposures with clouds. It became my signature.

Every shot is captured not only having the intention of exposing a good frame, but also recording the time and space that was spent with it: a shutter button is pressed, a story is about to start. And through LomoDiary is where it is being told. Every month, we talk to one of our very esteemed member from the Community to share with us stories behind their Lomographs. Want to be our next storyteller? Drop us a line then at

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  1. renenob
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    One of my idols!

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    thanks @renenob you're the real "guro" ;)
    thanks for the feature @mayeemayee ;)

  3. superkulisap
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    One of the pillars!

  4. zoe191
    zoe191 ·

    "I’ve made good friends from my Lomo Manila days." -- I miss those days :)

  5. grazie
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    Woohoo @stitch !!!

  6. mayeemayee
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    Thank you too for this interview, @stitch! :) Had a great time reading it!

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    where is Lomo Manila? :))

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