The Lena Pillars - The Treasure Of Sakha Nature


Majestic, lengthy within 40 kilometers, impressive imagination, Sakha treasure and UNESCO tentative listed ….this is the Lena Pillars

I was quite astonished when our boat approached the Lena Pillars. Tremendous, grand it impresses my imagination in a second. It’s situated less than a day’s ride on a boat upriver from the city of Yakutsk and lengthens around 40 kilometers along Lena River. The Lena Pillars take a special place among the sights of Sakha Republic owing to the unique combination of geological, climatic, landscape, geomorphology, biological conditions, high recreational potential and aesthetic features in this natural complex.

The Lena Pillars are stretching out along the right side of the Lena River for over 40 km. These steep rocks 100-300 m high are unique relief forms combining natural limestone features and the posterior geological and geomorphological processes. The Pillars are the majestic monument created by nature with the widest spectrum of different landscapes of outstanding beauty and scientific value.

Here, most vividly than at any place on Earth, one can see the earliest discovered shell-bearing fossils – the evidence of the crucial point in the Earth organic life evolution. During the Cambrian period(sone 80 millions years) the present area of the Lena Pillars Nathional Park was a sea basin where with time a carbonate sedimentation rock mass running to hundreds of meters thick was formed. During the following geologic evolution this carbonate strata has subsided to a significant depth under more young formations and was transformed into limestone and dolomite. Further on the vast area including the modern National Park territory was subjected to a prolong outfit. As the result of this process, under influence of water, wind and other factors, the unique natural site – the Lena Pillars – was formed. Structure and texture features of the Lower Cambrian carbonate rocks owed to forming of the peculiar relief forms.

On the Lena Pillars were found numerous rock drawings made with yellow mineral paint by ancient inhabitants of this area. Drawings show symbolic animal images, ancient Turkic runic writing fragments and human compositions. Cameras. I was concentrated on my Horizon while taking pictures in this place. On my supposition it’s the best tool for such kind of subject of shooting. Due to very far location of the Lena Pillars I also used other cameras too with a view didn’t miss such a lucky opportunity (LC-A+RL, Diana F+ for medium format black&white shots, semi RF camera with a decent lens – Konica Hexar AF in my case).

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