Zombiefy Your Daily Routine!


Zombies – they’ve perfected those modelesque bedroom eyes as if their lives depended on it. They’re bringing back grunge and not to mention baroque, and, they’re popping up all across different mediums – books, movies, even road maps! Don’t tell me you’re thinking twice about getting your zombie on!

We’ve got some zombies in our midst Lomographers! Do you recognize them?

Credits: kontrast, jorgesato, riotxriot & blackcoffeeandtantrum

Perhaps you can use this handy map tool to find zombie hot-spots where you’re living! Do a LomoLocations post on it and how you managed to survive, or join the team!

Image via wired

We think your enjoyment of the zombiefied renditions of popular works of art would be that much better, not to mention current movies and television series such as Walking Dead. On second thoughts, if I were a zombie and saw this sketch of Elizabeth Bennet kicking one of my own I’d gulp!

Image via myprideandprejudice

Come to think of it, many of my fondest memories have involved the genre – if you think of it as that, which I do! Human’s v.s. Zombies, key German Expressionist films, Dead Snow movie night, Dead Space and other games, and the list goes on. Though not aware of my interest in the genre, this article has made me reflect and come to a realization… a zombie lover was starting me right in the face the whole time!

Credits: jorgesato

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