Most Popular Photos of Malaysia – Best of May 2012

2012-06-02 3

There are tons of beautiful pictures uploaded by Malaysian users each month and here you go, we present you our 10 Most Popular Photos of Malaysia for May 2012!

Let’s check out the what’s hot among Malaysian for May!

Credits: fendyfazeli

Warm sunset. Melted my heart.

Credits: fayeusokoi

Gracefully yours. Pretty ballet dancer taken by fayeusokoi. Check out her Lomohome for more.

Credits: yapfl

Pretty sky in green.

Credits: fendyfazeli

I’ll be there, real soon.

Credits: guitarleo

Right beside you.

Credits: chib3h

Yawn. Can’t wait for school holiday.

Credits: mont0417


Credits: yokekei

Let’s book a ticket and leave!

Credits: mont0417

Adorable kitty in black and white!

Credits: funfun

It’s summer time, baby!

These were superb. Here goes our top 10 photos from Malaysia in May 2012. Are you ready for June? Upload your lomographs now, and who knows, your photos might be one of the best photo next month! Don’t forget to tag 'Malaysia' on all the picture taken in Malaysia or by Malaysian! Happy uploading and tagging!

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  1. chib3h
    chib3h ·

    Omaigawd! My picture!! XDD Thank you~~ @eva_eva

  2. fayeusokoi
    fayeusokoi ·

    thanks Lomography Malaysia :D

  3. mishika
    mishika ·

    terbaik! @fendyfazeli

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