Coloured Walls From Sampa

2012-06-15 4

São Paulo aka Sampa has one of the world’s most famous creative, underground, and alternative flavours. Coloured façades, graffiti, and diverse ways of street art are all around. Please, be my guest and lose yourself inside this real-life cartoon full of colours.

Credits: -alia-

Paulistanos (people from São Paulo) are intensely creative, somehow they manage to maintain the pure essence and keep safe the originality lost in most societies. This can be associated to the fact that in terms of space, there’s a lot to do or it can be a reflection of an unsatisfied young population. Maybe they’re simply creative just because they are.

Art is very present in Sampa’s streets. From graffiti to simple coloured walls, colour is in every corner and Vila Madalena neighbourhood is the greatest host.

There are tours only about the graffiti movement through the surroundings and walls filled with messages. The peak is at Beco do Batman (Batman’s Alley), an alleyway covered with graffiti by several artists. Crossing the alley feels like crossing an art gallery, with different styles and techniques. There’s also another alley, named Beco do Aprendiz, intended to new artists that want to express themselves. Browse for names as Gêmeos, Pato, Highraff, Speto, and Kobra if you’re interested to see some works of great Brazilian graffiti artists.

Credits: -alia-

Sampa is one of the biggest metropolis in the entire world but some neighbourhoods allow you to feel the city in a smaller scale. Different architecture styles and different heights create the energy and the noisy gray is absorbed by diversity. In a place where the word ‘chaotic’ is a constant, little houses painted with vibrant colours give it a special sense of harmony. It bonds with the tropical vegetation, intense green, and blue sky. The yellow from the sun reflects all the colours making walls look even more animated.

Credits: -alia-

To breathe and rediscover urban culture makes you feel inspired by this open-air art gallery called Sampa.

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