The Most Amazing Body Part: Eyes

2012-08-14 160

An Italian proverb states: “Eyes are the mirror of the soul”. Eyes are wonderful, a great subject for great photos! Enjoy!

After a series dedicated to the most funny body part (feet), and another article dedicated to hands, I propose to you this article with the most beautiful body part: the eyes. This is the last article of a series of three.

Let’s begin with two wonderful “Diana” eyes!

Credits: ariannapaloma

Sometimes a slight blur effect can add a touch of delicacy to this subject:

Credits: bloomchen

Other times, you can use the maximum sharpness to show the details of the iris:

These eyes are smiling!

The little white spot in the eyes of this girl is a very important detail: in a room with insufficient light, you can add this effect using a little electric torch:

Credits: pinciroduga

Some hairs above the eyes add a touch of charm!

Credits: cmyk_

Sometimes, you can obtain masterpieces if the model is not looking towards the camera:

Credits: liquidpapercuts

In other cases, a direct look into the lens (as in this Fisheye lens) adds a touch of shining pleasantness:

Credits: barakalofi

Great use of the square format:

Credits: jsmcbride

And a great use of the panoramic format:

Credits: mystikmonk

Some simple decorations make the picture very likeable:

Credits: mythra

A great contrast between open and closed eyes!

Credits: natalieerachel

Are you asleep?

Credits: jsmcbride

High key tones are indicated for this kind of subject:

Credits: thufflife

Even in this photo taken by profile, the eyes are a very important part of the image:

Credits: lomographics

You can experiment with eyeglasses:

Credits: mephisto19

Or make some double exposures:

Credits: tracyvmoore

Or use the eye as a subject for a film swap:

Credits: dakadev_pui

A funny idea:

Credits: tracyvmoore

Another one!

Credits: abcdefuck

Great skin tones and great contrast to exalt the subject:

Credits: ellaellaella

These sunglasses does not hide the eyes! Great portrait!

Credits: tanono

Eyes are everywhere!

Credits: joseman

Four eyes for a great photo:

Credits: earlybird

The “Holga” eye!

Credits: reiga

This eye pointed towards the camera made this photo a masterpiece!

Credits: knauseous

Close your eyes!

Credits: veselyuk

Funny eye!

Credits: goonies

Just for fun!

Credits: sylvia_littlemaple

Cute little eyes!

Credits: superchouette

Have fun with this subject!

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  1. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    Great idea and great photos!

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    @flixie Great for this album

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    @dakota Great to add here:

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    Here an article update! Enjoy!…

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    @raquellogs Love these eyes looking on her right side!

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    @nathalia-sabransky Lovely nice eyes, lovely hands too!

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    Yes!! really Fun!! :)

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    @puppettina Gran bella serie!

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    @earlybird Fantastic idea!

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    @jancimusc two masterpieces and

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    @deriz splendida ambientazione per due splendidi occhi

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    @saskiaboer hands and eyes, nice idea!

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    @kikkerbun wonderful eye!

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    @claudi1007 great eye, nice camera! Love the prakticas!…

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    @mattlenz nice eye!

  57. sirio174
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    @neto403 Wonderful eye, and sharp photo, excellent!

  58. sirio174
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    @lonur A masterpiece!

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    @spreckley Nice macro

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    @kostsas Nice b/w

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    @earlybird Original, and nice eyes!

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    @cryboy Hai fatto bene a pubblicare anche questo fotogramma parziale!

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    Great collection!!! <3

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    @carsonkb Wonderful blue eyes!

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    @cryboy Confermo: splendido occhi!

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    @yomimmo1 Nice macro

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    thank you very much for the feature! :D great article!

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    @macstef Excellent close up of a VERY

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    @macstef oops ... Excellent close up of a very NICE eyes!

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    @fedepol_roid Great portrait!

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    @sativa wonderful eyes, wonderful smiles

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