Try Shooting Flower Double Exposures During Springtime!

2012-06-06 2

Once spring begins, the sun shines and the flowers start blooming, so we have to make use of this! Take all your films then shoot flowers; Once you are done, shoot another layer with something totally different! Take a look at the results you can get with this film after the jump!

Personally, I really love this tipster. The whole year, I wait for spring to arrive so I can shoot double exposures with flowers. The flowers make something special of your photo—it brings a smile on your face and let each photo become a piece of art.

What you will need:

  • film
  • camera
  • beautiful spring weather
  • flowers

What do you have to do:

1. If you can change the ISO of your camera, put a 100 ISO film then set it as 200 ISO on your camera; If you’re using 200 ISO film, set it as 400 ISO on your camera (that is 1 stop underexposure). If you’re using a Diana Mini, turn the aperture to ‘sunny’ setting.

2. Mark your film while putting it in your camera. You can do this with a pen or fold the film. Now, you know how to put it in your camera when using it the second time.

3. On a nice, bright morning or afternoon, take your camera and all your film and go search for flowers that you like. Red, bright pink, and purple flowers turn out better than yellow or white.

4. Turn your camera on macro and keep a distance of 30 cm to 1 meter.

5. Shoot one film, and another. and another one!

6. If you have no photos to shoot on your film anymore, rewind it, but not completely. Make sure that a little piece of film is still out of the canister. You can do this by listening while rewinding. When the sound changes, stop rewinding (if you are a newbie, check it in a dark space before opening the camera).

7. Place a mark on your film that you previously shot it with flowers.

8. On another time, take the film, and shoot it again with one stop underexposure.

There is only one trap I want to warn you about: Don’t forget to shoot the film again! Don’t do it like me— have your film developed and only flowers turn up (it can be pretty as well, but is not the intention of course)!

Have fun, don’t forget to enjoy it!

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  1. adrianard
    adrianard ·

    I loved the results you got! so poetic!! I'm definetly trying it! thanks for sharing :D

  2. v-u
    v-u ·

    lovely! :)

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