A Dashing Good Time at Cannes with Marilyn

2012-05-31 1

LomoAmigo eskimofriend was lucky enough to cover the Cannes Film Festival this year and he shares his week with Marilyn in these smashing black and white photos, taken with the LC-A+. See him looking sharp in his tuxedo and walking the red Cannes carpet with celebrities here!

Credits: eskimofriend

LomoAmigo Simon, better known as eskimofriend, was working at the Cannes Film Festival and had the opportunity to rub elbows with celebrities—and tons of other photographers—on the red carpet! Check out his monochromatic documentation of Cannes below!

Credits: eskimofriend

Simon captioned his photos “shooting at cannes film fest with the awesome team” and notes the strong wind nearly knocked media men off their feet! Stars he spotted were P. Diddy, Heike Makatsch, Jimmy Jean-Louis, and the cast of “The Sapphires.”

See more photos in his album my weekend with marilyn - cannes 2012.

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