Blueberry-Flavored Lomography X Tungsten 64

2012-06-08 3

I love the photos shot using Fujifilm T64, but it’s a pity that it’s out of production. I also can’t find it easily in Taiwan, and until now, I still can’t bear to shoot the remaining rolls.

One day, I discovered that Lomography is selling T64 films and I immediately bought a few boxes of Lomography X Tungsten 64 home!

Credits: boomerang

On the whole, the photos have more purplish blue color shifts than Fujifilm T64. It can be said that it’s a blueberry-flavored film.

Under different lighting conditions, the resulting color tones are different. During strong sunny days, it produces a slightly pinkish with a tinge of coffee-brown tones, quite similar to Fujifilm T64.

Credits: boomerang

When the ISO setting is varied, the resulting color tones are different too; whether at 64, 100 or 200 ISO settings, each of the resulting colors have their own charms!

I heard that it produces great colors even when E6-processed! I have gotta try it sometime!

Explore a new Lomographic perspective with the Lomography X Tungsten 35mm Film! Enter a world of rich blue tones that will blast you out of your routine. Its low ISO of 64 makes it a great film to play with, perfect for experimental Lomographers like you! Get your own Lomography X Tungsten 35mm now, available with the rest of the Lomography Film line-up in our Online Shop.

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translated by coolsigg

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  1. davideji
    davideji ·

    My lab doesn't want to process it cause they think it will break their developping machines and affect or damage the other films...

  2. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    @davideji Most 1-hour photolabs are like that, unfortunately. Some people say the developing e-6 in c-41 will affect the chemicals haphazardly, but some disagree, insisting that if you change the chemistry often, x-pro won't leave a significant effect on other people's films. Ultimately, find the right photo-lab that understands and agrees to why you want to x-pro.

  3. schemerel
    schemerel ·

    will these be available again soon ?

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