Capture Moments, Don't Leave Your Childhood Blank


I didn’t have much money when I was small, but my dad worked very hard to earn money for buying a camera. He always took photos of us. Therefore, traces of me could always be seen in most of the photo albums at home. My father once told me, ‘Childhood leaves us in a blink of an eye. The memories that are left in us fade gradually.’

In this era, the world is becoming more numerical. No matter where we are, we can always see kids holding either an iPhone or an iPad. Sometimes, when I see parents taking photos of their kids, I curiously think if they are going to develop film or if they are just saving it in their memory card.

I have a cute cousin. Her cuteness makes us want to take a picture of her. Recalling my dad’s words, it lead me to capture my cousin’s every little act so that she could see how active she was when she grows up.

My cousin is a smart little girl. She has a beautiful complexion. She loves to follow me wherever I go. The first thing she says whenever we meet must be asking me if I could take pictures of her. Therefore, incidentally, her pictures taken by me have already accumulated.

Whenever I hear her call me, I get cheerful instantly. She is everyone’s favorite delight!

written by vanilajan on 2012-06-01 #lifestyle #memories #sister #life #childhood #youth #my-analogue-childhood
translated by rachelau25

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