The Queen LOVES Analogue


Who would’ve thought? The Queen, an avid Lomographer? As the Diamond Jubilee is fast approaching we all want to refresh our general knowledge on Queen Elizabeth II, but little did we know that the Queen has a hidden talent: photography!

It’s rare to see the Queen do anything but smile and wave; but in her prime, the Queen was very active. Not only was she a keen photographer, but she was enrolled as a Girl Guide at the age of 11 and speaks fluent French. Even today she is patron to more than 600 charities and is a fan of the Arsenal football club. (Random, I know)

The picture above shows Queen Elizabeth II taking a photograph of the Duke of Edinburgh, carriage driving at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

All pictures show the Queen using authentic analogue cameras. The first picture shows her using a Leica M3 camera with a very fashionable leather case and the third pictures her using a Leica camera.

Even her son, Prince Andrew, Duke of York wants to get in on all the fun as he takes pictures of the Armed Forces Parade at Windsor Castle. He is shown, once again using a Leica compact camera, an obvious favorite among the Royals.

Although the Queen may be accustomed to sitting for portraits (having sat for 139 during her reign) she clearly shows a passion towards analogue photography portraying a very real like side to her. Happy Diamond Jubilee everybody!

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