When the La Sardina Went to Disneyland Paris


A long time ago, I fell in love with La Sardina cameras, especially the Seoul Edition. I couldn’t resist the way you can customize it and make it your own. And let’s face it, La Sardina cameras are very loveable and irresistible. So I just went for it and bought one then took it to Disneyland to test it. Read on about my experience.

I was quite afraid though because I’m used to a Recesky, a very cheap camera that allows you to focus. A zoned focus was never something that attracted me. But I checked out some photos, read some articles, and went for it. When I got my La Sardina, I couldn’t stop smiling at how pretty it is! I decided I had to try it out properly, so I bought some tickets to Disneyland and took my La Sardina for testing.

I used two 400 ISO films, one Fuji Superia and one Kodak Ultramax.

The first thing you will notice about this camera is that the focus, though very easy to do, can sometimes work very well and sometimes not that well. Thought I do think the type of film you use will also make a difference. As you can see here, though the distance was about the same, some are sharper than others. And the right side of the photograph is sharper than the left side.

Another thing you can see is the light marks the lens sometimes make:

I have to warn you though, we all know that we have to lock the camera lens and what we have to do to shoot. Just make sure you do it well, I’ve lost some shots because the shutter didn’t open, or got triangle corner shots because it just opened a little. Don’t know if it is a camera defect or I just didn’t lock the lens the right way, but I’ll be paying attention to that.

Nevertheless, I’m quite pleased with the results and I want to try new and different films, to go a little far from the normal type of photography.

Let me share with you some more shots from Disneyland Paris.

Also just have a look at two more experiment shots from my testing:

It’s so easy to do double exposures, but I sometimes did them without wanting to. I think I may have pushed the button too far when changing from B mode to N mode, and it unlocked the shutter. But still not sure about that.

There are many things I still have to learn about this camera, but I can say I love my Sardina even more now, she doesn’t just look beautiful but does also work quite well. I love the way you can take it around and play with your friends, it will always look nice. You all know the La Sardina motto: Best served with friends. So go ahead, have fun!

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