Pontevedra (Spain): A Stone City


The Old Town of Pontevedra is one of the best preserved in Galicia, so is the Old Town of Santiago de Compostela, and unquestionable witness of the medieval splendor, when Pontevedra was deeply connected to the sea.

Starting with a small class of geography, it is necessary to point out that the city of Pontevedra is the capital of one of the provinces in Spain, which belongs to the autonomous region of Galicia. It is a city with much history behind him. Its narrow streets have centenary stones throughout: its soil, its buildings, its banks, its water sources. Throughout we see, there is the classic Galician granite, to which we call “stone of the country”, because immense most of the constructions were carried out by indigenous materials. At present, the buildings, sources and streets, can be constructing by multitude of materials, which come from all the parts of the world. That’s why the old towns of our villages and cities have the delight of having being done by the materials that the nature was arranging in every place.

The beauty of its streets and squares gets the visitor totally in love with them. The houses and details reveal the past of this town with important architectonic samples, which maintain the old days´ enchantment alive. The “Praza da leña” (“Square of the firewood” in english) where used to be a place to sell log to warm the chimneys. Nowadays is the place where 3 important Residences are: Museo Provincial, considered one of the most representative museum of the galician´s history, archeology and art. Few meters away, there is the Praza de Verdura (“Square of the vegetable” in english) – where, until few years ago, people could buy natural products from the country – it was converted in a center of the old town, a match point to have a drink before we keep walking till we get to “Praza do Teucro” (“Teucro´s Square” in english), name of the Greek architect to whom the foundation of Pontevedra is attributed.

Continuing our tour, on the highest part of the old town, we find the spectacular Peregrina´s church. This dedication to the Virgin, the saint of the city of Pontevedra, is celebrated in august (the second week). During Pontevedra´s great week, the city receives its own citizens and foreigners as well, who come to enjoy many shows, concerts, dances, fireworks, etc. Not to mention the popular parties, called “verbenas”, bull fights, traditional music bands show their skills and different activities or all kind of public.

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