Join Me in the City of Melbourne for Some Urban Adventures!


The busy bustle of the city can be all but too much for some, especially when it’s forced upon you like a bad vegetable. However, when you are mentally prepared to take in all the tantalizing colors and crazy times to be had, you can effortlessly line up a full day of crazy fun! So join me as we discover this together through a few different cameras!

One of the greatest aspects of Melbourne is its sheer diversity. What you see one day could easily differ from what you come across the next! What will it be today? The intriguing human statue? The wonderful street artist? The historical spire? And this is just what I’ve seen through one lens!

Just like any city though, one can’t resist to check out some stalls! While the big department stores are interesting in their own right with some crazy colors on show, sometimes it’s just better to visit the humble flower stall for the vivid colors of nature.

Don’t stop there though, take the lomographic party to dusk and beyond! After the sun goes down, the real fun begins! Swapping over to the bulb setting, long exposures are a must if you want to experience the city properly! With so many bright lights gleaming around Melbourne, some of which are moving, it has never been so easy to conjure up such vivid, memorable long exposures while experiencing a city!

If you ever find yourself in Australia, and more specifically, the state of Victoria, don’t hesitate to check out this huge metropolis of a city! It might not be as big as New York or London, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in just how much it’s crammed in!

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