Modern Miracle: New York's Manhattanhenge

2012-05-30 2

If England has Stonehenge, then NYC has Manhattanhenge! It’s when the sun sets aligned with the grid of east-west streets in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, a highly photographed phenomenon that occurs twice a year during summer solstice. It happened on May 29 this year. Did you take any lomographs? :-)

Photos via the-curiosity-project and damncoolpictures

Also known as the Manhattan Solstice, Manhattanhenge happened on May 29 in 2012 with another set to occur on July 12. While the date varies annually, you can expect the same half of the glowing sun above and half below the horizon. Watch as certain areas of New York (all east-west streets) get drenched in yellow, orange, and red light as the sun sets, peeking out from behind the concrete jungle’s skyscrapers in perfect alignment with the Manhattan grid.

Check out some Manhattanhenge photos from the community!

Credits: tallyho & zibili

Were you able to take some lovely lomographs this year? You’ve still got another chance on July 12, or you can also try capturing the early bird’s Manhattanhenge: similar events will take place around winter solstice (on December 5 and January 8), except this time it’s sunrise. Be sure to have your favourite Lomography cameras ready! :-)

Sources include PetaPixel and Wikipedia.

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