Newcomer of the Week: Jesselayne

2012-06-03 1

There’s this magic about shooting with film (especially those which are already expired!) that he simply can’t just explain with words alone. We had a quick interview with Jesse as he tells us the reason why he want things tangible and real!

Credits: jesselayne

Name: Jesse Layne
LomoHome: JesseLayne
Location: Portland, Oregon
Camera Shelf : Canon AE-1 Program, Yashica Micro Elite, Keystone 125X, Kodak Colorburst 300, and a Lomo Split-Cam, Diana F+

How did you find out about the Community and who/what convinced you to join?

I’m always on the lookout for expired film. I would check my local craigslist just about every day and never really see much! It didn’t take me long to stumble over Lomography’s great selection of expired film! After purchasing the mystery five packs of expired 35mm rolls a few times and after being very pleased with what I received, I was compelled to dink around the website until I found I could share my photos and explore new ones! So to sum it all up, I found out about the Community using my Magical Powers, and I was convinced by an Array of Jaunty Pumas to Join!

Is there anyone in the Lomographic Society you look up to? If yes, who is him/her and why?

Not yet, I’m still pretty new to this website but I’m sure someone will come along and blow my mind as this website is full of talented Lomographers!

As you have read the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography, what rule do you apply in your everyday life?

“Take your camera everywhere you go” I’ve got some mean tan lines from my camera straps because I carry them with me everywhere and anywhere I go.

In this digital age, why still film?

For the same reason I play acoustic instruments such as the banjo, acoustic guitar, and the ukulele over synthesized instruments, because it’s real. You do it yourself. You are organically the artist, not technically. Beauty isn’t just given to you! You have to find it! Digital is like telling someone a memory of a dream you’ve had once but the person you told assures you that your dream was really just the story of The Lion King movie, and after some though you come to realize that it really was just the story of The Lion King movie and you had only created the idea that it was your dream because you didn’t recall correctly. Haha! Not sure if anyone will really get my analogy… (film is a dream you can’t predict, it hasn’t been written, it doesn’t write itself, you write it)

Share your current favorite Lomograph (could be yours or a friend’s) and explain why it is your favorite.

I’ve only really had experience with the Split-Cam because I’ve been spending all my money on film rather than more cameras (something I need to change) so It would have to be my favorite as I’ve not used any other Lomo camera yet. But the things I’ve been able to do with it have really surprised me for how silly the thing looks! Great things can come in silly packaging; I’ve modified mine a little though! I have a friend with a Diana F+ and to see what can be done with it makes me want one really bad!

Credits: jesselayne

Newbie, rookie, neophyte or whatever you call them, our new breed of the ever-growing band of Lomographers are set to conquer the analogue land with their brand new hip-shooting abilities! And this is where we feature them along with their wistful thoughts and the freshest snaps each week!

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