UK CitySlicker FrogBear: Uber Cute 5-Minute DIY Photo Holders

2012-06-22 2

If you like changing your pictures on display as much as I do, these cute 5-minute, DIY photo holders are perfect: no cutting the picture to fit the frame or going out to buy a new one!

All you need is:

  • Some wire (you can use pipe cleaners — I took the wiring out of an old headband)
  • Pebbles from your garden (don’t forget to wash them first!)
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutter
  • Something round to wrap the wire around
  • Your photos

Firstly, you need to wrap the end of the wire around your pebble. Secure by folding the edge round the rest of the wire on the ‘top’ of the pebble; tighten the top with your pliers.

Then, cut the wire to the height you’d like your photo holder to be; remember that the smaller the pebble, the smaller the height (so it doesn’t topple over).

Wrap the top of the wire around something round to get a nice, circular shape at the top. Do this twice so the end of the wire is at the bottom.

It’s as simple as that!

I made a few more here to have a nice little collection on our sideboard. I made some with different sized pebbles so they could be taller or shorter.

I used some of my old family photos; me and my sisters, my parents not long after they were married and me and my cousins at my first birthday (yep, that’s me in that shiny pink dress!). And I have so many of these old pictures, I can now change them as often as I like!

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  1. iamdnierod
    iamdnierod ·

    this is a nice tip! thanks!

  2. frogbear
    frogbear ·

    you're welcome! and thank you :D
    hope you have making some of your own ;)

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