UK CitySlicker FrogBear: How to Make Your Own Comfy Strap for Your Diana

2012-06-21 2

I am a big fan of scarfs come winter, spring, or summer. What I’m not a big fan of is plastic on my neck in the blistering heat of the summer. This tipster presents a perfect combination of the two; all done in less than 20 minutes!

So, if you want to make your own scarf strap, and take pictures with a cozy, warm neck, here’s a tipster you should try out!

All you need is:

  • Some fabric or an old scarf
  • Two key rings
  • Needle & thread or sewing machine

I started with some red satin from my 2009 Halloween red riding hood costume; I would also recommend starting with something you won’t miss — not your best scarf!

To check the length of your scarf strap, place the fabric around your neck, check the length you would like the strap to be; check how low your camera would comfortably hang, and then cut the fabric at the appropriate place.

You may not need to do this if you are using your own scarf but tidy up the edges of the fabric by folding over the edge and use the sewing machine or needle and thread.

Fold up the end of the fabric and feed it through the key ring.

Fold over, so the key ring is secure and sew in to place; do the same to the opposite end.

You may want to put something over the seamed edge close to the key ring to hide the seam, like a bow or another ring of fabric.

And there you have it!

Once I completed my satin experiment, I went ahead and tried it with one of my favourite scarves…and I haven’t taken it off since!!!

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  1. litumai
    litumai ·

    i wanted to do this for a while but still havent decided on the scarf to use! :)

  2. frogbear
    frogbear ·

    you could make a few and swap them around to suit your outfit :D
    good luck! :D

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