LomoKino's Pleasure is Different!

2012-06-01 1

Have you met LomoKino, one of the newest and most unique machines in the world of Lomo? If you say ‘’I have,’’ how do you use it? Has it added different dimensions to your life? If you still don’t have a LomoKino you’re missing out a lot!

A LomoKino movie is divided into three for me. One, video. Two, music. Three, photo.

Since I bought my LomoKino, I’m starting to think and see that everything comes in three dimensions. Then, when I rotate the crank, I noticed that I experience through the eyes of the video moment. Everyone else moves intermittently and quickly with my rotation speed. Everything lies in my fingertips!

For example, the man in the photo—he was walking slowly but he was more quickly with my play crank. In my eyes, sellers of Turkish bagel served their customers more quickly. They took money quickly and later gave change to their customers quickly. I slowed down the customers with my hand. I have fun with my LomoKino on the streets like that.

Now, on the music dimension of LomoKino. When I rotate the crank, a music starts to play in the moment. When I listen and hear each music, a question comes to my mind: ‘’Can I use it as the background music of my video?’’ It’s one of the most enjoyable phases of my video production.

Finally, my LomoKino’s third dimension is the photo! I think LomoKino is a movie maker but it’s also a good photo camera. There’s pleasure in taking motion-photos with the crank by looking at all things in this way.

I would recommend you to experience these feelings as well!

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translated by merveengin

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  1. leeshannon
    leeshannon ·

    Thank you for this! I just got my lomokino and Im looking forward to making some videos! Can you help me out on a question I have? I was just wondering when you took your fim to be developed did you just ask for the negatives and then scan the negatives and turn them to positives? I would love your help as you seem to be doing it right! :)

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