Top of the Tips: LC-A Tipsters


From simple multiple exposures to trickier feats, here are our top Tipster picks for the LC-A that’ll do you no wrong – in fact they’ll do you every right! So, with your right, red, photo-hungry eyes, start planning for those next LC-A+ shoots – well, actually, don’t think, just shoot!

In honor of the Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day here’s a list of top LC-A tipsters!

Here’s how to celebrate Russia Day with your own LC-A cameras: Turning My LC-A+ a Deep Red

Credits: arurin

Here’s How to Realize Multiple Exposures with an Original LC-A if you didn’t already know – trust me, it’s fun!

High-contrast images in black and white are easily achieved with a Quick Orange-Filter for the LC-A

It’s like how cartoonists visualize the moment an idea is born! And what a great “blub” idea this is! Set your bulb mode the way you’d like with the tips in: Bulb Mode with Adjustable Aperture for LC-A

And here’s one to appeal to your inner Narcissus: LC-Wide After Effect: OSSD (Obsessive-Selfshot-Disorder) Gotta love me it!


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