Pin It to Win It! Get your own Lomo LC-A Russia Day!

2012-05-29 100

Hip, Hip, Hooray! Russia Day is coming up and we give you the chance to win one of our lovely Lomo LC-A Russia Day Cameras! Read on and learn what you have to do to become the lucky one!

Russia is about to celebrate it’s national holliday on June 12th and we also got a bit into a festive mood. Therefore we give you the chance to win one of our Lomo LC-A Russia Day Cameras and in the end one more reason to celebrate!

Here is what to do:

1. Follow Lomography on Pinterest and “like” us on Facebook

2. Create your “Lomography Russia Day” board on your Pinterest account. Pin Lomo LC-A Russia Day from our shop and fill the rest with Russian themed photos using content from and around the web. Your description of the photos must include the #Lomography hashtag. Boards without the “Lomography Russia Day” title or category will not be eligible

3. Submit your board in the comments below and tell us why you want to win

4. The winner will be selected by Lomography and will receive one Lomo LC-A Russia Day

5. You can see our sample board that shows you how to do it here: Lomography Russia Day

6. Share your board with your friends to increase your chances to win

Lomography Russia Day Board at Pinterest

So good luck out there and have fun pinning – in case you can’ t get enough of competitions, we have another one running which is related to the Russia Day too!

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  1. m23
    m23 ·

    Why would i want the LC-A+ Russian Day not?

  2. rutecaetano
    rutecaetano ·

    I am a curious photographer and I love to try new things. I would really love to have a Lomo LC-A Russia!!!

  3. trancefixcia
    trancefixcia ·

    <3 I vuoold heert tu veen zee cemera fur Lumu LC-A Roosseea Dey
    <3 I would heart t'win de camera fo' Lomo LC-A Russia Day
    <3 I would heart to win thuh camera for Lomo LC-A Russia Day
    <3 Iway ouldway earthay otay inway ethay ameracay orfay omoLay LCay-Away ussiaRay ayDay
    (~_^) beth "Без кота́ мыша́м раздо́лье."

  4. georgebaker
    georgebaker ·

    If you are not on facebook you can't join this Contest?
    I DON'T like this!

  5. undiscovered
    undiscovered ·

    Well, I'd love to win that pretty L-CA for 2 reasons:
    - I don't have a Russian friend yet and would love to have that L-CA be the first of many!
    - In September I'm leaving Belgium behind for 6 months to study in Madrid, Spain. I just found my apartment there which makes it even more real. It's going to be one heck of an adventure since I don't speak the language and don't know anyone there. I plan on travelling around a lot too, also to Portugal. It would be great to have a camera like the L-CA to capture my adventures on film as I am planning to keep a blog. And as everybody here knows, lomographic shots are always the most fun! I'm sure the L-CA will adore its new home if it is with me!

    My board:

  6. 1minute1second
    1minute1second ·
    I would love to win a Lomo LC-A Russia Day Camera because I absolutely admire the LC-A camera and how it helped lomography become what it is today. I do not own one but want to experience the utter joy a Lomo LC-A brings! The photographs that come out of this beauty are stunning. I've been loving lomography for years now and the LC-A is my dream camera. It wouldn't be just a camera, but a way of life as my other lomography cameras are. :)

  7. adi_totp
    adi_totp · I love to win this because I want to taste and participate in the Russia Day. Even though I won't make babies on that day and I'm not married yet but still I'm to be productive June 12th . By what? Using this camera and shoot productively in my own way so I could PRODUCE thousands of lomographs on that day only. I want to experience Russia Day this year! I want Lomo LC-A Russia Day! Let's make love! :D

  8. adrinainlomoland
    adrinainlomoland · I would love to win because I wanted to make a story of the pictures I use from Lomo LC-A Russia Day and the theme would be revolving around Russia and also my country, Malaysia. I've been wanting to do a cinematography by using Lomo camera even though I've recently using my phone and my cousin's camera to do so. This time, I would like to do it by using Lomo LC-A Russia Day and tell the story through the pictures.

  9. pearlgirl77
    pearlgirl77 · i will win.. because it's juuuuust a beaaaaaaaaautiful camera ;)

  10. luciemarie
    luciemarie · because it's the best camera to go to Russia with :)

  11. dikasapi
    dikasapi ·

    wohooo russian day!!

  12. walasiteodito
    walasiteodito ·

    I want to win the LCA+ Russia Day because it's the most handsome LCA in the face of the planet, its so handsome, I made a poem fot it!

    Oh LCA+ Russia Day
    You always take my breath away.
    From June to May, I always pray,
    that someday you will come my way.
    And winning this competition, if I may,
    All my days will never be gray.

    Here's my Board:

  13. blewvonkarzehl
    blewvonkarzehl ·

    I have loved lomography for a long time now and why wouldn't I want to win a camera such as this? I am serious, I want to win this especially now that I'm finally pursuing photography not just for leisure. A wonderful camera such as LC-A is sure to help me take great pictures. I joined Pinterest for this so I hope I win.

  14. _kristina_
    _kristina_ ·

    Here we go:

    I love russia, I've been there twice and it was beautiful. I love lomography. But I still don't have a russian camera !!! That is unbelievable !

    Come to me ...

  15. snigdha597
    snigdha597 ·

    I <3 Lomography and I wish to spread the Lomo joy with some more of it! Thanks :)

  16. ezgikeskinsoy
    ezgikeskinsoy ·

    As a long time Lomo lover/user, i can say that Lomo LC-A is one of the greatest cameras ever produced.The pre-cold war feel of the black and red design of LC-A Russia Day speaks for itself. And the logo on the back and fertility symbols are simply beautiful!! Who wouldn't want it really...

  17. niasarinastiti
    niasarinastiti ·
    Why I want to win:
    1. I love Lomography
    2. I haven't got any Lomo camera
    3. I want LC-A
    5. I want to capture beautiful moments with the camera and spread the analogue love :-)
    :-) :-) :-)

  18. howlcat77
    howlcat77 ·

    I would like to own a little bit of Russia and this is a good way to make it not only as a display but also very useful!

  19. stuckintraffic
    stuckintraffic ·

    I would love to win an LC-A Russia Day Camera because I am a Russophile! I may not be Russian but I am totally fascinated with everything Russian! When I was still a kid and learning about the world through maps, I have always wondered about how large the country is. It took up such a large space in the map! When I started working, I was trained by someone who came from Moscow so I learned stuff about the culture and was even given a lovely Matryoshka doll as a gift! Since then, I have always planned to save up to visit Russia in the near future. When I saw this edition of the LC-A, I was completely dying to have it! I have always, always wanted an LC-A so this version just seals the deal! If given the chance, this camera will accompany me to my ultimate Russia trip one day!

    Here is my board celebrating Russia day -- 46 pins for each of the 46 oblasts/provinces of Russia, with photos alternating reds, blues, and whites as inspired by the Russia flag. Showing love for Russia and celebrating Lomography Russia Day!

  20. jessica-jack-marinaccio
    jessica-jack-marinaccio ·

    I wanna win because this camera is awesome - I have a friend in Russia I havent talked to her in a few years I miss her dearly - Ive moved and need to give her my updated address Thanks for reminding me

  21. tsingtao
    tsingtao ·

    I have need of one Lc-a Russia Day!

  22. ominousvelociraptor
    ominousvelociraptor ·

    I would love to win this contest because:
    I love Russia: her history, her people, her art, her literature. I think people often overlook Russia and her people in their contributions to the world of art, literature, and music.
    I love the LC-A and really need one!
    I love Lomography!

  23. brooke_diane
    brooke_diane ·

    I love the LC-As, and the Lomo LC-A+ Russia is like perfection. The camera itself is like holding a piece of history and all of the pictures I have seen taken with it are amazing. The contrast in them is breathtaking and being able to take my own pictures with this camera would be such a learning experience. I will never be able to get a camera like this myself, so winning her would be a teaching tool beyond imagination. Owning this camera would allow me to experience lomopgraphy like I can't with my others. I would absolutely love the oppurtunity to own and shoot with this gorgeous piece of Russian and Lomographic (Is that a word?) history!

  24. eugenia
    eugenia ·
    I would love to win an LC-A Russia Day Camera!!!! ♥
    is a beautiful camera :: I like his aesthetic red Russian = Russia's aesthetic revolution ;)
    is unique >>>>

  25. kblair82
    kblair82 ·

    I have been wanting an LC-A for a while now. So once I saw this beautiful, red, Russian version, I knew I had to have it! I have been saving my pennies but am unfortunately not close enough to making my dream come true. In other words, I would very much like to win and would definitely put this beauty to good use :)

  26. lomoku
    lomoku ·
    The first thing that come to my mind when i hear Russia, is the espionage, military oriented movies ;)), there are much much inspirations of russia of their cultures and language.. and that all wrapped in italian red goat leather, the Russia Day Lomo LC-A+..all the package looks tempting the world and me!!!;))) because i looooove Lomography and want to share love and joy of Russia Day through those Minitar lens :D

  27. michael-h
    michael-h ·
    I am a camera collector and can't get enough cameras : )

  28. jojo8785
    jojo8785 ·
    I would love a little red russian to live at my house!

  29. jelencitta
    jelencitta ·

    I want to win that camera beacuse I love it! It's really beautiful and I will treasure its Minitar lens. I don't have any Lomo Cameras and I think this would be a great start! I'm looking forward to taking multi-exposures and exploring its endless possiblities. Loads of Lomography film rolls are waiting for meeeeeeee! Please choose me! :D
    This is my board on Pinterest:
    Hope you like it!

  30. fbobby
    fbobby ·
    i so want to win this pretty pretty lc-a. must! win! my smena needs someone like russia day lc-a :)
    ps: hope it has that specific "old" smell :)

  31. witparkin
    witparkin ·

    Here is my Lomography board :
    I want to win because I think lomography makes best analogs in the world, I already have Lomo Aquapix and Holga 120 gcfn Candy but what can I say I get get enough with LOMO!

  32. lucieschneck
    lucieschneck ·
    I very muc want to win this LC-A, cause I want to be friend again with lomographic cameras, as my Diana Mini always eats the films after 5-6 pictures, thats annoying and expensive. I bet LC-A works better and I´d really love to go shoot again whereever I am.

  33. grumpymeg
    grumpymeg ·

    My board:

    I want to win this gorgeous Lomo LC-A Russia Day Camera because firstly, I want to take beautiful pictures with it. Pretty pictures please my eyes and sooth my mind; I want to admire the pictures I take with this camera and also share them with everyone else. Also, I would love to be one of the 2000 people to own this camera! Limited edition, and take cool pictures? Fancy that! Lomography is more than an art to me. I have always dream of owning a lomography camera and nothing is better than winning a limited edition one. Red and black happen to be my favourite colour combination as well! Staring hungrily at the picture of the camera definitely doesn't make it drop out of the screen to me. :( Hope I can be the lucky one to get my hands on this sexy thing! ;)

  34. micboc
    micboc ·

    I love Lomography // I love Russia
    I am really enjoying myself collecting pictures for this board. Thanks for the opportunity :)

  35. deprofundis
    deprofundis ·
    I want to win this fantastic Lomo LC-A Russia Day Camera because it is the most beautiful edition of LC-A cameras. I adore red color and everything about Russia. Besides, it is a limited edition and I would love to be one of the people that get one of these cameras!

  36. macbeckyton
    macbeckyton ·

    One of my favourite things to photograph are the change in seasons and I would love to spend the summer getting to grips with a new camera - it would be a new and refreshing change to this hobby and I am completely in need of that right now. The Lomo LC-A Russia Day camera would be a new format to me and, as a camera, it looks like an absolute beauty. I'm really into Russian literature and arts, too! So to have a snippet of that kind of culture in my hands and to make my own would be lovely!

    Here's my board:

  37. macbeckyton
  38. lucinda
    lucinda ·

    I had my first encounter with the LC-A on my first ever LomoWalk with the Soho store in London and fell in love. I have never won a Lomography competion before and winning the camera that inspired the movement would add to the list of firsts.

  39. brianna725
    brianna725 ·

    1. Because my mom speaks fluent Russian. Здравствуйте!
    2. I'm planning a trip to Moscow, and what better camera than this!?
    3. I'm accustomed to using aperture, shutter speed, ISO - so I can really put this baby to proper use.
    4. My next dream analogue I want to be from the LC-A family.
    5. And It's red. And who doesn't love red?

  40. gematriagx2
    gematriagx2 ·

    I would love to win because

    A, I've been obsessed with Russia for a long time, I collect matryoshka dolls, have soviet tank and helicopter schematics on my walls and my shelves creak with the amount of heavy weighted books I have to do with Russian Design, the Soviet Union and Russian Photography

    B, When I finally do the trans siberian railway trip i've always dreamt of, this would be the perfect companion

    C, I'm too poor to see one coming into my life anytime soon

    D, It's one of he sexiest cameras i've seen!

  41. hungboy88
    hungboy88 ·

    I would love to win because in Russia photo take you

  42. ropami50
    ropami50 · I would love to win this camera because I am obsessed with everything Russian at the moment, especially Russian music. I also attended a Russian festival in London a few months ago, which was so much fun. I would love to be able to take more awesome Lomo photos, and this would be the perfect camera to do so with. Hopefully I will eventually be able to use it in Russia, as I have plans to visit in the next couple of years. I enjoyed pinning the photos a lot as Russia is such a beautiful country.

  43. feelux
    feelux ·


    I would like to win the Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day because it's one of the most best looking cameras yet!
    I salute its aesthetics; Russian theme on a Lomo LC-A+ is pure awesome.
    It's a work of art that has the potential of creating works of art!
    I'd be willing to give away my LC-A+ RL if I win this!
    I would love to have this on my arsenal, I would even dress up whenever I bring this with me, and I'll be sure to feed it lots of different films and shoot lots of nice photos with it!

  44. maxxcain
    maxxcain ·

    Quick question, should the photos we get from the web be analogue? :)

  45. izzanniznadia
    izzanniznadia ·

    Check out my pinboard :) Link as below:

    Winning is not usual thing for me, so if I win this AWESOME camera I've been eyeing ever since I get into Lomography, God knows how happy I will be :)

  46. maxxcain
    maxxcain ·

    I'd like to win the Lomo LC-A Russia Day because I would like broaden my Lomography experience since I have no LC-A :)

  47. kevin190791
    kevin190791 ·

    Check Mine

    честно говоря, я действительно хочу эту камеру, потому что я люблю его!
    Я люблю LC-A России. Любовь детали, резкость объектива и оригинальное ломо старины и культурного наследия.
    Красный бархат кожи и эмблемы действительно привлекательными.
    Кстати, я не русский, и я уверен, вы не слишком России
    Вы можете помочь себе "Google Translate", это, я использую его слишком

  48. hanibale
  49. desibel
    desibel ·

    For now I don't have any plans to reproduce - but I do like to reproduce beautiful moments! Preferable with a little more contrast, deeper colors and that analogue charm. Who better than the beautiful LC-A Russia Day would be my perfect companion for that?

  50. bellanolan
    bellanolan ·

    I would love to win the Lomo LC-A Russia Day Camera so I can take it everywhere. From Paris to New York it'd be my little baby, I'd walk tall and proud while having it dangling around my neck. It'll go down alley ways, into hidden cafes, through the aisles of rundown bookstores. My (soon to be) Lomo LC-A Russia Day Camera will capture the little secrets of all the countries of the world, just like its meant for.
    When the time is right, I'll bring it back to it's home and give it to another deserving stranger in Moscow, so they too can capture their special moments.

    My board:

  51. tinkerhell98
    tinkerhell98 ·

    I would love to win the Lomo LC-A because i have just started to learn Russian, and with such a brilliant (& Russian!) camera like the Lomo LC-A would be brilliant motivation. Also, with the summer coming up I would love to capture it with such elegance. Good luck everyone! :)

  52. evey_w
    evey_w ·

    Well, what for example, Rosetta stone is for understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs, or sumerian cuneiform script for written expression, Lomo LC-A is for lomography. It's a wonderful piece of history wrapped in plastic, glass and metal, wrapped in red leather, inside of little box of wonders. A perfect weapon of creation, imagination and memories.
    Now, who wouldn't want to win that? And in the process get a glimpse of Russia, at least only through collecting some of its magic on one little board.

  53. ellysangela
    ellysangela ·

    Check out MINE
    Honestly i haven't have any lomo camera yet but I love it! I love the lomo LC-A Russia so much. I love every details on the camera. I love the original lomo antiquities, the sharpness, the contrast, the red velvet and the logo really nice and attractive. It will be great if i can have it! :)

  54. lianakatrina
    lianakatrina ·

    Owning a LCA camera will inspire me more to take wonderful and stunning photos! A real lomographer should have a LCA camera in its collection! Here's my board:

  55. myfolkway
    myfolkway ·
    I'd like to win this limited edition of the Lomo LC-A+ to learn more and discover new horizons in analogue photography, and take it everywhere when traveling... A great camera is the best way to see a landscape in full details, with both good and bad things around. Like in Russia. There's beauty and uglyness everywere. Contradictions and contrast make some countries very specials.

  56. coolsigg
    coolsigg ·

    I hope to win the LCA+ Russian Day to complete my Lomo LCA+ Collection. So far, I have owned the LCA, LCA+, LCA+RL, LCA+ Silver Lake. This would be a sweet addition to my collection! Lomo On!

  57. seussieissues
    seussieissues ·

    I would like to win because I'm a poor graduate student who needs to capture more beauty in her life and a camera like this would make that happen (and did I mention that I'm broke? I tried making a camera out of an empty toilet paper tube with unsatisfactory results).

    Here's my board!

  58. cosmicpnay80
    cosmicpnay80 ·

    Why I want to win a new LC-A+? Because my trusty old LC-A+ has a broken rewind lever, busted film counter, and is forever stuck at 100 ASA setting. So, I hope I win this thing!

  59. oldalexart
    oldalexart ·

    There are a few of my photos, because I'm from Russia. I want to win a Lomo LC-A Russia Day , to give it to my father. During Soviet times, my father very much photographed and had a lot of cameras. Some cameras were lost, others were broken. I want to give my father a new opportunity for photography. Especially in this form! In view of the time he was busy photo.

  60. natthakits
    natthakits ·

    I just.. love this camera.

  61. phishfood
    phishfood ·
    I hope to win the Lomo LC-A Russia Day so that I can go on more analogue adventures and take awesome photos just like those in my pinterest board. I would also love to capture every wonderful moment in my life with this camera, so that when I look back at my photos, it would help me appreciate and treasure the things and people around me more. (:

  62. fifteen
    fifteen ·

    Why should I have a Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day Limited Edition? I am a wanderer, travelling story-teller and I tell stories from my images to your imaginations. I used to have a 1986 LC-A which I bought when travelling in Russia 2009 (My brother was also born in 86 so I gave the camera to him, which he had lost it the first day he brought it out...).

    Having a Russia Day, I can tell more vivid, touching stories with the unusual little comrade.. We then touch the world bit by bit... Smile :)

    Please also visit my flickr and other blogs!

  63. fifteen
    fifteen ·

    Why should I have a Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day Limited Edition? I am a wanderer, travelling story-teller and I tell stories from my images to your imaginations. I used to have a 1986 LC-A which I bought when travelling in Russia 2009 (My brother was also born in 86 so I gave the camera to him, which he had lost it the first day he brought it out...). <p>

    Having a Russia Day, I can tell more vivid, touching stories with the unusual little comrade.. We then touch the world bit by bit... Smile :) <p>

    <a href="">;/a&gt;
    Please also visit my flickr and other blogs!

  64. fifteen
    fifteen ·

    Sorry. The message's format is not so good..... Let me post my link again just to be sure:

  65. camerabrain
    camerabrain ·

    I want to win so bad because that freakin camera is so vivaciously hot! Also I love Russia and took Russian History. This is fun fun fun...

  66. chloeackers
    chloeackers ·

    Why I would love to win the Lomo LC-A Russia Day camera:
    1. This summer I am going travelling so I would love another camera to take with me to help capture all the amazing memories.
    2. I would love to take it out on adventures with my friends and to spread the lomo love with them.
    3. To experiment with double exposures and go wild!
    4. You can never have too many cameras.
    5. The Lomo LC-A Russia Day camera is a beauty its self, with its bright red body, such a great color! (Even the box it comes in is beautiful!)
    6. Russia is a beautiful country, so why not let everyone know with the Lomo LC-A Russia Day camera.
    7. I would treasure this beautiful camera forever along with the memories it would have given me.
    8. I would love to shoot many different photos with this camera.
    9. If I did win this camera and people stopped me to tell me how nice it was, I would love to explain to them what makes it so beautiful and what is so good about it.
    10. I love it!

  67. tikismeekis
    tikismeekis ·

    There are lots of great reasons in the responses here why to want a LC-A Russian Day. What else could I say? This camera is just wonderful! Among Lomography cameras the LC-A is to me one of the best, and of the LC-As the russia day version is absolutely fabulous! I will love to posses one of these beauties, because I really love the stunning pictures they take! I know this contest is very tough to win, too many good reasons already pointed out, and very few left to say, but I can't think of any thing that would make me happier than win this precious camera...well, perhaps world peace!

  68. bonniciat
    bonniciat ·
    I want to win because the LC-A Russia Day is a great camera just waiting to be added to my lomo collection! The LC-A is a lomo classic, a must have camera and the Russia Day version is unique and beautiful! I adore the vibrant photos that can be taken with it and would look forward to exploring all the LC-A attachments. All in all it would be a camera i want to be able to show off and brag to my friends about how awesome it is and simply use it to make beautiful images!

  69. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

    can someone invite me into pInterest, i can't get in!!!!!

  70. sweetyyydreams
    sweetyyydreams ·

    I reaaaally want to win this beautiful LC-A Russia Day because the LC-A is the best camera, and its so cute in red! I can't afford it and would looove to bring it with me on my next humanitarian mission this summer to capture the people and their culture.
    Enjoy my board made of photos in the colours of the Russian flag ;-)

  71. simply20
    simply20 ·

    Pick me and take me to Winter Palace! Why me? I took better picture with film rather than digital camera.. :)

  72. simply20
    simply20 ·
    Pick me and take me to Winter Palace! Why me? I took better picture with film rather than digital camera.. :)

  73. stinarl
    stinarl ·

    The first thing I learned about Lomography, before I learned that these cameras take splendid photos, was that it all started in Russia. I can say that with my family it all started in Russia. My grandparents fled from Russia back in the day and with them they brought little to no photos because photos were expensive. My families biggest dream is to take a trip to Russia and to be immersed in the culture that has shaped my family. It would be an honor to use a Russia Day LC-A+ because it is classy and stylish, it's spunk is more than any other on the market. I want to capture images that pay homage to my grandparents who never had a camera of their own and what not a better way to do it with the best.

    The photos I pinned were not taken by me, but by friends, Lomographers, and other pinners. I am inspired by these pins and I hope one day I will be taking beautiful photos with my families very own Russia Day LC-A+.

    Thank you for your time and this oppurtunity,

  74. barack31
    barack31 ·

    I dont have a pinintrest but I will just post my facebook page so I hope i qualify and I still love Lomography! Woop Woop Yesh!/profile.php?id=100003253055042

  75. barack31
    barack31 ·

    ohh by the way my photo has a super power of invisibility.

  76. fifteen
    fifteen ·

    <I don't know how to renew or delete my previous messages...:>
    Why should I have a Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day Limited Edition? I am a wanderer, story-teller. I used to have a 1986 LC-A which I bought when travelling in Russia 2009 (My brother was also born in 86 so I gave the camera to him, which he lost the first day he used it ).

    To have this Russia Day, is like continuing a relationship with a girl I loved so much. Together we can tell more vivid, loving stories with the unusual little comrade.. We then touch the world bit by bit... Smile :)

    P.S.: Most of them are my records of the adventure in Russia. ;) I hope to meet some lomo / love analog friends here! Enjoy.

  77. mateja
    mateja ·

    It would be nice to win Lomo LC-A Russia Day! I allready have LC-A+ and I love it. It would be nice to have two of them, because I have two Lomo Bags and I allways need to "transport" my camera from one to another :) Here is my pinboard:
    Good luck to everyone :)

  78. azfh
    azfh ·


    I'd like to win simply cause Russians make the best cameras ; ) i'm always in awe of the pictures that the LC-A can produce. but with the student financial situation i am in now, it is only a dream for me to own a LC-A for the moment. the dream can wait. it's worth waiting for. but i know it's gonna be something special when i do get my hands on it.

  79. azzzy
    azzzy ·

    Its not just all about winning, its about remembering.
    For all the lomographers need to remember Russia Day
    Rise now and say Будем здоровы (cheers)!to Russia Day.
    Without Russia there won’t be Lomo LCA
    The journey of two Vienna students wouldn’t be extraordinary merely ordinary
    Those boys won’t have created a community,
    65000+ people would be displaced never given the chance to see a life
    filled with colors and sweet surprises.
    But fear not for the reality is it all happened right here in Russia.
    So come look at my board, and remember how we began and the people who helped us along the way
    Even Vladimir Putin was there.
    So rise now my fellow lomographers, for there’s a little Russian in all of us..
    Let me hear you say…Будем здоровы(cheers)! to Russia Day.

  80. everalb
    everalb ·

    There are so many things we can use to describe a country, to talk about thousands of stories, memories, and places... This board tries to catch the people, how they express, the colors, and feelings...
    Impressed by all the amazing shots, love, and life this country comes up with...

  81. phoenix1206
    phoenix1206 ·
    I want to win one, simply because it is awesome, nuff said.

  82. ucinz
    ucinz ·

    Here's my board »

    with 50 pins :
    ● 12 of the product photos
    ● 6 of B/W photos (represent the black & white color of camera)
    ● 20 random analogue photos > all about Russia! ❤
    ● 12 redscale photos (represent the red leather color of the camera)
    *each number represents the date, month, and year of the upcoming Russia Day, 12.6.2012!

    One year ago, after i knew Lomography and searched many analog cameras.. i didn't like this camera, I didn't really care with the features (cause I still newbie with analog things).. I thought I can get the dreamy and cool photos same like this camera just using Diana F+ or La Sardina, and because their unique and fashionable-look models. But, after I've got much and much experience, I still didn't get what i've dreamed before , i'm really jealous with this camera, now realized its features and the ability of taking advanced great photos.

    When I saw the Russia Day edition come.. it makes me more obsessed to get it! the badges, cyrillic letter of "Лomo", Soviet-like medal, the red leather color, etc.. it's become a true-legendary, a masterpiece among the best analogue cameras.. and a pride of Russia (Russian lens) !!

    I've added it to my wishlist, hope that one day I can get it..
    if I got this camera, it will change my analogue life, change my thought, and my mind!!

    The Future is Analogue! ツ

  83. welliamancio
    welliamancio ·

    There is nothing more interesting than taking good photos with a Lomo LC-A Day Russia

    ife is better demonstrated in analogue.

  84. welliamancio
    welliamancio ·…)russia-day/
    This is a Day!

  85. alis82
    alis82 ·

    I want to win this beautiful LC-A Russia Day camera because its so cute in red!

  86. niko_fuzzy
    niko_fuzzy ·

    sexy russian red, i want you all the time.

  87. welliamancio
    welliamancio ·

    i wish receive one Lomo LC-A Russia Day because no person in the world who live without love photography a Lomo.…)-russia-day

  88. welliamancio
    welliamancio ·

    i need receive one Lomo LC-A Russia Day because no person in the world who likes photography live without love a Lomo.…)-russia-day

  89. welliamancio
    welliamancio ·

    no person in the world who loves photography live without a Lomo i wish receive one Lomo LC-A because Russia Day!

    This is the hot channel:…)-russia-day

  90. welliamancio
    welliamancio ·

    I want to win this beautiful LC-A Russia Day camera because because i see and i feeling in analogue. Yes the analogue perfection meet in a Lomo LC-A!
    This is the red hot chilli shot channel:…)-russia-day

  91. domemerson
    domemerson ·

    My LC-A+ RL has just broked in my last trip, and this Russia Day edition is simply gorgeous (and they don't sell this in Brazil). Please I want it, very, very, bad!

  92. sweetyyydreams
    sweetyyydreams ·

    @evarhabarber @lsi when will we get the results of the competition?

  93. izzanniznadia
    izzanniznadia ·

    agreed with @sweetyyydreams
    when can we know who is the winner?

  94. fifteen
    fifteen ·

    @evarhabarber actually has the winner been announced in another post?

  95. sweetyyydreams
    sweetyyydreams ·

    @lomography: more than a month since the competition ended... I know LSI is publishing a lot of belated competitions results these days, but will we have the results of this one soon too? At least write us something to let us know how it's going and make us be more patient? We're dying here to know who won! :-)

  96. fifteen
    fifteen ·

    .... it's almost 3 months...

  97. izzanniznadia
    izzanniznadia ·

    i have left a comment in the FB page...hope they will response no matter how long this thing have pending

  98. fifteen
    fifteen ·

    8 months now? Did they forget about this already?...

  99. fifteen
    fifteen ·

    Felt like we were being cheated..

  100. fifteen
    fifteen ·

    What? It's now 2 years and still nothing been heard from Lomo. I think maybe we can do something about it. Really disappointed about this brand and I think everyone should stop buying from this.

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