From Russia With Love: A Gallery of Photos From Russian Lomohomes

2012-05-29 7

As you may have noticed, we’re in love with everything Russia at the moment in the Lomography magazine. This gallery of awesome photos features our 100 top Russian community members who have the highest ratio of likes to photos. Skip over the jump to check them out!

Credits: 129, 731, _kelly_, aiki, alex_divinorum, amasharapova, amedejulie, amkatya, annysag, aton, azikad, bambuinka, basstah, bird_of_hope, chourique, cocaneonkamerasutra, daftbart, deaddormou5, dmigor, domenic, egor_post, ejipaulbush, fedor, fish300, fool-in-paradise, friend_of_penguins, ganeshnamozhno, gotoarizona, grad, heavenkot, hellborsh, hey_god, hustler, iamparis, janemoony, jkz_jkz, katafota, katya, katya-leontyeva, klyushnev, konbiw, lebedev, life_on_mars, londongoth, louvetau, luba, marshrutniy, maximum_b, mayanich, mcrstar, melamory-chan, messenjah, mezere-on, milton666, minililimi, mousya, naddy, nastya_shishova, ne_fryakai, one_moment, palkina, paranoid_expectation, penya, piggy_wiggy, plavaliznaem, red_constructor, shkalik, shoykhetd, shur, slivinskaja_, son_of_the_sun, sorcery, sovulia, sp1rt, strekoza, tarikoin, tataaa, tb, tetsu-kun303, ulenshpiegel, ulyanenko, uptv, usernamed, usha_berg, vadary, vasilisa_mamont, vasumitra, vikviii, voltornist, why-yu, yanayana, yapika, yawny, yuliya-sakharchuk, yuliya-saratovkina, zaruki_zanogi, zharenkov, zmeinain & zoloto

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  1. mcrstar
    mcrstar ·

    I really do not understand how to select photos for each person, but thanks anyway.

  2. ganeshnamozhno
    ganeshnamozhno ·

    think so, thanks

  3. wzzk
    wzzk ·

    great compilation, congrats!

  4. shelly_sometimes
    shelly_sometimes ·

    I wish we could select each photo and GO to that photo, so that we could like it. Sort of a bummer. :( These shots are amazing, though!

  5. shelly_sometimes
    shelly_sometimes ·

    *headdesk* I figured out how to do it - in the single photo view, just click "open photo" above the one you want to go to. I'm a n00b. :)

  6. fish300
    fish300 ·


  7. hay
    hay ·

    This is stunning!

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