A Shopping Center that is a Blast from the Past


Tired of visiting malls along the main shopping belt of Singapore? Then check out the older shopping centers around Singapore for a blast from the past.

With mega malls that scream twenty first century, springing up in almost every corner of Singapore, you may wonder if you can still find a late twentieth century shopping center. Thankfully, there are still such shopping centers around in Singapore. Coronation Shopping Plaza along Bukit Timah Road is just one of them.

This shopping center was built in the late 1970s. I remember this place well because my now defunct primary school was located only down the road. Back then, the shopping center’s most notable feature was a petrol station as part of the commercial building. Today, the petrol station has been replaced with a Starbucks and a 24-hour F&B outlet – fuel of a different kind.

But within the shopping plaza, there is a timeless charm. I still remember the fun I had as a primary school kid popping by this shopping center to discover new toys and books. Today, you’ll still see very tightly packed shops, with shopkeepers rubbing shoulders with each other.

And if there is even enough space, an enterprising individual may just set up his shop here, like this hole-in-the-wall clothes alteration service.

But there are some gems within the shopping center. One such find is a local eatery that does a roaring business especially on weekends.

For foodies, they also have a choice of F&B establishments. Just meters away from Coronation Plaza is a row of food outlets that include a butchery, restaurant, bakery, and a pub.

Located in Singapore’s Bukit Timah district, Coronation Plaza is a well-visited shopping center by students of nearby educational institutions looking for a quick bite. But it is also frequented by residents living in the area because of the supermarket. Also being easily accessible by a newly-opened train station can make this trip to a shopping center convenient.

For me, visiting this shopping center is really a blast from the past. It simply reminds me of my childhood so many years ago.

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