Save Up To 45% On The Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day Camera!

2012-05-29 29

In honor of Russia Day, we are offering a massive discount on the Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day Edition Camera! Mark your calendars – it’s happening for two days, starting tomorrow! Valid online and in Lomography Gallery Stores.

The Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day Camera is super covetable – a luxurious 35mm snapshot camera wrapped in Italian goat leather, and adorned with naughty fertility symbols. Packaged in a special velvet box with a Russia Day camera strap and a Russia Day emblem, it’s a limited edition camera celebrating Russia Day and the passionate art of making love!

On May 30th (that’s tomorrow!) and May 31st this sexy camera will be available at up to 45% off its original price.* Go get yours while supplies last! It will be the most affordable LC-A+ in our Shop, so you don’t want to miss this.

Buy it Online or Find a Nearby Store

* Please Note: The exact percentage discount will vary from region to region – Head to the shop tomorrow to see your discount!

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  1. denisesanjose
    denisesanjose ·

    HOLY COW (or goat, I should say)

  2. coolsigg
    coolsigg ·

    damn, I just bought my LCA+ Russian Day last week! :(

  3. snoop
    snoop ·

    @coolsigg: our customer service will contact you!

  4. alessandroleen
    alessandroleen ·

    A giganto LC-A+ discount on my birthday... this is hard to pass up!

  5. eskimofriend
    eskimofriend ·

    I wish they would come with fake leather
    I'm all for vintage but real leather is gross and cruel :(

  6. isabelladesanta
    isabelladesanta ·


  7. elvismartinezsmith
    elvismartinezsmith ·

    hmmmm interesting! does this version has russian lens?? Can't be sure from what I see on the shop. Thanks

  8. tomas_bates
    tomas_bates ·

    @elvismartinezsmith - Yes this is a russian lens LC-A+ :-)

  9. elvismartinezsmith
    elvismartinezsmith ·

    @tomas_bates cooool! i'll be there!

  10. franky_de_luffy
    franky_de_luffy ·

    can't wait :)

  11. arurin
    arurin ·

    do i need another one? i have three original lc-a`s already ;D

  12. xephryrus
    xephryrus ·

    I waited for the countdown, and it was sold out before it even started. =/

  13. snoop
    snoop ·

    hello! the camera should still be available! in what country are you? and is the camera not showing up for you?

  14. vanilajan
    vanilajan ·

    it's out of stock! T.T down~!

  15. xephryrus
    xephryrus ·

    @snoop I'm in Malaysia but the IP address is Australia, cause using university's wi-fi.

  16. tattso
    tattso ·

    @xephyrus you can log in a wi-fi with a Malaysian IP address and buy from the Asia shop directly.

  17. xephryrus
    xephryrus ·

    @tattso tried it,sold out.

  18. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    @vanilajan @xephryrus Clear your cache and try again! :)

  19. xephryrus
    xephryrus ·

    @eva_eva Thanks for the advice! but I think by now it's really sold out. cause I tried putting into cart and nothing happens. And after I refreshed it says it's sold out. I didn't thought different IP addresses could make a difference cause they said 2000 units worldwide.

  20. jorgesato
    jorgesato ·

    like a dream.

  21. bgoh29
    bgoh29 ·

    out of stock, that's what the web site says. Not very happy about it.

  22. snoop
    snoop ·

    the camera will be in stock again in a few minutes, we are having a technical glitch due to the amount of orders.

  23. tattso
    tattso ·

    @xephryrus, it's back again! It was only a glitch so you have to grab it quick before it is sold out for real ;)

  24. enfyulfur
    enfyulfur ·

    I already reserved another LC-A+ somewhere... T.T

  25. jaybees80
    jaybees80 ·

    really good news , order mine today

  26. xephryrus
    xephryrus ·

    @tattso already grabbed it ^^

  27. jelencitta
    jelencitta ·

    I wish I could catch one!

  28. volker-jp
    volker-jp ·

    ...give me the strength to resist.... :))
    ...I`m all in for the LCA+ for 120 film !!! :)

  29. camerabrain
    camerabrain ·

    yummmy yummy yummy

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