UK Cityslicker Stephanie: How to Make Your Own Fisheye 2 Badge!

2012-06-18 3

Ever wanted to know how to make your very own ‘I Love Lomo’ badge? You’re in luck! Here is my step by step tutorial on how to make your own Fisheye camera badge.

Being a lover of all things crafty, I was excited to learn that this month’s Cityslicker task would be a ‘how to’ tutorial. I’m a keen crafter myself and always on the hunt for great tutorials to try my hand at and have been meaning to make my own for some time, so this month saw just the push I needed to get going! Hand in hand with my love of crafts comes my love of felt, so my initial thought was how to interpret this into something Lomo-related. Taking inspiration from the lovely Fisheye 2 ‘I love you/I love Lomo’ Edition I settled upon a camera badge made entirely from felt. So here it goes…enjoy!

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Felt of various colors; I used red, white, blue, black and grey
  • Embroidery thread to match desired colours
  • Needle
  • Brooch clasp/saftey pin
  • Glue gun
  • Air erasable pen
  • A button of your choice, I chose a heart shape
  • Scrap piece of card
  • Small amount of toy stuffing

Step 1: With an air erasable pen sketch the outline of the camera directly onto a piece of felt and cut out two pieces (one for front and one for back of your badge). If you do not have an erasable pen, sketch onto a piece of paper and cut out a template to work from. My badge worked out at 10cm wide and (almost) 9 cm high (including view finder).

Step 2: Proceed to cut out all shapes you are going to need from desired colours. I traced around the lens cap of my Diana F+ to get the largest circle, making the inner circle slightly smaller. The white stripe measuring at 10cm wide/3.5cm in height.

Step 3: Once you have cut out all your felt pieces for the camera ensure each piece aligns correctly and trim areas as appropriate.

Step 4: For the letters on the front I chose to stitch them using a thick embroidery thread, however, you can cut the letters out of a black piece of felt if you wish. I found stitching them directly much simpler given the small size of the letters and used the erasable pen to draw the letters first, making it easy to get align them correctly. For the ‘i’ I made two very small stitches in a cross shape to make a dot and two long stitches for the ‘I’ for a bold finish. Both the ‘L’ and ‘M’ are rather simple using straight lines though be careful to make small stitches with the ’o’’s though do not panic about getting a perfect circle, this only adds the handmade look of the badge. Tip: If you’re not feeling too confident about stitching the letter, practice on a scrap piece of felt first.

Step 5: Now, time to start stitching the badge together! I started with the top layers of the lens and worked my way down, stitching the heart to the blue inner circle with a small backstitch and then onto the large white circle. Rather than a thick embroidery thread I separated 2 strands for a delicate looking stitch.Tip: Try to keep the stitches about the same size and equally distanced, this makes for a tidier finish.

Step 6: Now your lens is done, pop to one side and stitch the smaller pieces to the front of your camera.

Step 7: Align your white centre stripe with your embroidered letters onto the front piece of your camera base and put your lens in place. Again with a small backstitch sew the lens onto the camera, securing your stripe in place. Once the lens is complete secure the stripe at each side of the lens with the same stitch. Voila! The front of your camera is now complete! Pop to one side while we work on the back of the camera.

*Step 8: You may find, due to securing your button on the viewfinder, that the added weight can cause a little sagging. In order to prevent this, cut a small piece of scrap cardboard or thick paper and lay along the neck of the viewfinder on the back piece of the felt on the inside. This will be hidden once the front of your camera is in place so don’t worry too much about getting the shape perfect though ensure you leave room to stitch around the edge of the card.

Step 9. We’re almost there! Take your brooch clasp and sew or glue as I did onto the back of your second camera piece. Take note as to which way you would like the clasp to face. Cover over the clasp with a small piece of felt (optional; preferable, if you use glue).

Step 10: Align your two camera pieces together and place a little stuffing in between layers. Once you have started stitching, you can add or remove stuffing as you wish. With a contrasting color, sew the badge together with a blanket stitch; this will make for a decorative yet strong finish.

And there you have it, one ‘I Love Lomo’ felt camera badge. Hope you enjoyed my very first tutorial! Whether you pop in on your t-shirt or wear on your Lomography bag, choose your own favourite camera and share the Lomo Love!

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