Chinatown: A Touch of European


The Chinatown area of Oahu, Hawaii, is so multicultural, so multifaceted, that I could write a whole book about it! The most striking factor of our Chinatown is its European-inspired architecture. Confused? Read on to find out more.

Credits: dearjme

The above photo was taken in the Chinatown area of Oahu, Hawaii. The building features a pub called Murphy’s Bar and Grill, which is an Irish pub-like restaurant. Right away, you can imagine how Chinatown is not exactly totally Asian influenced at all.

On the contrary, most of the Chinatown area today is made up of old buildings, which used to be part of the downtown area of Honolulu, but have somehow become integrated into the Chinatown unspoken cluster. These buildings were built with European-inspired architecture – reflecting the older, traditional style of look.

Credits: dearjme

Throughout Chinatown, anyone can see the obvious mix of buildings – from the noodle house, to the Hawaiian flower shop, to the homeless shelter, to a French bistro, to the city bank.

Credits: dearjme

What’s interesting, also, is that there has been an uprising of local boutiques in Chinatown that sell upscale items at decent prices.

Credits: dearjme

Above, pictures the hanging sign of the store “In4mation.” The “hi” logo is an abbreviation for Hawaii, and is the store’s copyrighted logo. Please don’t sue me for taking this photo! :) But the store does cater more towards fashion- and style-conscious people who can hand over a bit more money, in exchange for better quality clothes.

Credits: dearjme

Throughout Chinatown, there are windows just filled with trinkets and random stuff that are showcased within the stores. You can find just about anything – not just Chinese items. If anything, most of these displayed, like in the above photo, seem to take influence from European boutiques.

Indeed, Chinatown is a very eclectic town in Oahu. My love and I adore traipsing around the area and seeing the new stores and their cute boutique items, as well as dining around the many choices of restaurants to pick from. Heck, my favorite restaurant in Chinatown is a French place – which brings me back to the way there is a European influence that permeates through the area. A beautiful city.

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