Lomography Started a New Lifestyle for Me: An Introduction to My Lomographic Experience

2012-05-31 2

A better way to start sharing my experience is through an introduction about how I started my Lomography journey. I needed something as a change in my lifestyle during my college days. It was back in 2008 when I discovered Lomography through a magazine (Seventeen Magazine) featuring the Holga 120 CFN and Fisheye 2 and a TV show where Team Manila was featured.

Skimming through the featured article, I remembered a local TV show (Wer U At) where I first saw Team Manila which also features Lomographic cameras. From then on, I started reading articles and blogs via Google. My brother led me to the Lomomanila website and I’ve been reading posts and seeing photos, which really inspired me to save for a Lomo cam.

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It was before my Singapore trip that I purchased a Holga 120 GCFN and some expired negative films. Using Holga for the first time seems to be not so fascinating for me. It feels really just like a toy camera. Everything is an experiment for me. I practiced a lot before I got the hang of it.

Credits: hans12

On December 2008, my brother and I went to Cubao Expo and found a Lomo event. I think it was Lomomanila’s Anniversary or something. I found people using there Lomo cam to document the event. That time, I wasn’t aware that there was really a community of Lomographers here in the Philippines. I thought that Lomomanila was just an online community. I was wrong because those people really meet in person, celebrate an event, have photo walks, and become friends. After the event, I got the courage to join the Lomomanila Forum and became active online.

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On January 2009, I started joining photo walks and met fellow Lomographers. I also started to save up more to buy other analog cameras such as a Vivitar IC 100, Olympus Pen EED, Canon AE1, and Olympus Xa.

Credits: hans12

The Lomomanila forum closed down on June 2009 but that didn’t stop me from taking photos. Even without a group, I always bring my camera. It opened me to the idea to be more outgoing and to meet new people. I started to go to places I’ve never been to. I’ve become friends to those I didn’t think I can be friends with.

By February 2010, I found a friend wanting to start shooting analog thus Lomography. My drive to shoot came burning up again. On April 2011, together with a group of photography enthusiasts, we formed a group – Shutter Revolution. Since then, I constantly join in walks, analog projects, and events.

Credits: hans12

At present, I continuously feed my hunger of Lomography through reading magazines and being active here on the Lomography site.

Credits: hans12

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