Analogue Changes in My Life: Capturing the Good Stuff with the Ten Golden Rules

2012-05-29 2

I wanted to properly immerse myself in the Lomography vibe, and decided to try and follow all 10 of The Golden Rules on one 35mm film. They’re great to keep in mind and the results were definitely interesting!

Okay Lomographers, who can tell me the first Golden Rule? Anyone?

Get thee to a rulebook, Lomos! Or don’t. After all, the tenth rule is not to worry about the rules, and I think the most important thing to do with your camera is your OWN thing.

The rules do make sense though, and they’re definitely worth a try for a relative newbie like me or even if you’re a veteran lomographer, there might just be something in there that leads to a great capture. Here’s my version of these fantastic tips.

#1. Take your camera everywhere.

I was so excited to see this (vandalized) Banksy graffiti in Bristol when I visited for University Open Day. The lighting was great, and luckily I had my camera with me. (Now if only I could take a photo the correct way around!)

#2. Don’t be afraid to use it in the dark.

This is Brighton Pier – it is incredible at night, and perfectly captured on this color pro film. I was so pleased to get this photo back from the lab!

#3. Lomography loves your life.

Childhood friends and my Childhood bedroom. Capturing them on film makes me suddenly nostalgic! I love this photo of me and my friend Kati, it looks just like we’re kids again!

#4.Try the shot from the hip once in a while.

Trying to photograph what was beyond my legs left me with this interesting shot. Have to admit I kinda like it, if only for its accidental charm!

#5. Get close!

It is a testament to my love for this rule that most of my friends have become used to looking up to find my camera right in their face, while I angrily tell them “Don’t move! I’m working!” While their general reaction is to pull an ugly face which I then can’t photograph, I really love candid shots like these. If I have to stick my lens in your eye to get it, I will!

#6. Don’t think.

Do what comes naturally. Grab your boyfriend, pull him in close, and take a photo. Evenings where the light is perfect are perfect evenings for taking photos. Especially spontaneously.

#7. Be fast.

If it looks good, take it. Just take it. I thought it was so funny that my own hair was sabotaging my photos that I wanted to include it. Be fast!

#8. You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film.

Hand your camera to someone else or turn it around. Don’t look through the viewfinder, and instead look into the lens. You won’t know until you get the film back!

#9. Afterwards either.

I loved this building because it is disused, it’s abandoned, and yet decorated; painted with an ocean mural. I don’t understand but I love it and I wanted a photo.

#10. Don’t listen to the rules!

Take photos that you care about, of beautiful things, and people that matter to you.

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  1. vmhenshaw
    vmhenshaw ·

    I love your photos, especially #8. It inspired me to take a similar one myself! (although I'm still waiting to finish the film so I'll have to wait see if it turned out as well! )

  2. raejk14
    raejk14 ·

    sounds great! hope it comes out awesome :)

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