Exploring Bradgate Park

2012-06-12 2

Bradgate Park is a lovely spot outside of the busy urban sprawl of Leicester, England. It was a popular area for hunting for the rich folk since medieval times, however, these days it is a public park well known for it’s free roaming deer.

Since moving to Leicester, a friend from the area has always been telling me to come to Bradgate Park with him to see the deer and have a walk. Finally, with some time off, it seemed like a good idea to get out of the city. I took my, at the time, new toy, my Smena 8M.

The first thing you notice is the old style Police Box that stands in the car park, a great photo for any Doctor Who fan, and then the imposing gates.

Dr Who is in the park

The park is known for having loads of free roaming deer. Unfortunately, they were nowhere near us but we did see one or two. The area also boasts of some big hills with great views of the surrounding countryside and some local landmarks like Old John and the ruins.

The day these pictures were taken was quite overcast but still they came out pretty good.

Credits: casperrobo

If you ever get a chance, go and take your camera!

The Lomo Smena 8m is a classic mid-80s icon dug deep from LOMO factory. Its 3-element glass Triplet lens yields eye-popping colour and contrast, and its manual settings gives you full control over your images. Get your hands on this piece of photographic history here.

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  1. dogtanian
    dogtanian ·

    I live 5 minuit drive from bradgate park in shepshed, been there loads of times. Nice location!

  2. casperrobo
    casperrobo ·

    Definitely going to become a regular there!

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