Lomography Photo Highlights: The Fisheye


Just how close can the Lomography Fisheye get? It might not be enough to yield true macro shots but it sure does the trick in producing hilarious portraits!


Fisheye 2

Caption: Get yourself ready for a whole lot of silliness multiplied by 170 degrees of pure fun as we get really, really close with the Lomography Fisheye. What happens next? Who nose!

Welcome to another round of Photo Highlights, true believers!

This time around we’re going to look at the fantastic Lomography Fisheye! Back then, the “fisheye effect” on photos were confined to uber expensive professional lenses and armchair post-processing. But not anymore! For all of your wide needs, Lomography’s Fisheye is here to serve. Aside from expansive landscape views and enthralling sunsets, what else can you capture with this quirky little camera? Candid closeups of course! Owing to its wide angle of view, it can focus really close but it distorts the image as well, making noses and other appendages humongous! Though some might not desire this, it sure does look funny!






Fisheye 2








Fisheye 2



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  1. lonur
    lonur ·

    i absolutely love jennay_jean's shot! it's awesome!

  2. anittas
    anittas ·

    just crap :-)

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