Breathtaking Sunset View at Kuta, Bali

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Kuta is a long sandy beach where a lot of surfers surf along the beach. The wave is more suitable for beginner surfers though. Kuta Beach is also a nice spot for viewing the sunset.

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Kuta is located at southern Bali. The place was a fishing village half a century ago, but it became a hot tourist spot after its long sandy beach was discovered by travelers and wandering surfers from Australia. Kuta now is a busy place and packed with 5-star hotels to budget hotels.

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Along the long sandy beach, a lot of restaurants and shopping centers can be found. Since this is a place that is packed with tourists, various types of food can be found here such as local Balinese food, Western food, Japanese food, Korean food, BBQ and grill, seafood, to fulfill tourists’ demands. Kuta is also a nice place for shopping. Large shopping malls such as Bali Mall Galleria, Carrefour Plaza, and Discovery Shopping Mall are the best on the island. There are also a lot of massage centers around this area, when you feel tired, get a massage.

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The beach is nice and beautiful. The waves here are more suitable for beginner surfers to learn surfing because the beach lacks of dangerous rocks or corals. A lot of surfers started to surf in the morning until the evening. For those who do not have experience on surfing, there are a few surfing schools which can teach you to surf like a pro. For sure, the beach is full of lifeguards. They are here to make sure people are safe when playing in the sea.

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This was my third time to go to Bali, and I did come to Kuta each time. I walked around the Kuta area all the time. The place is crowded and packed. I looked for something relaxed and calm, so Kuta is not an ideal place for me. But I love the sunset here.

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The sunset at Kuta Beach is stunning. When it is around 5.30pm, the beach filled with people. Everybody is waiting on the sandy beach for the sunset. When the sun slowly sets on the horizontal line, I feel the calmness. The day is about to end after the sun hides itself. Then it is another day full of hope when the sun rises.

Credits: guitarleo

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