Fabulous 5000: LomoStaff Blog Selections

To coincide with the 5000 blog posts we have in Lomography, we take a look back on some of the most interesting articles written by the LomoStaff!

There have been highs and there have been lows, but the Lomograpic community sure stuck together side by side through thick and thin. Now here we are – 5000 blog articles strong and counting! We’ve already taken a look at some of the articles sent in by you, dear readers; now we’ll go ahead with the staff’s musings! From secretive sneak peeks, thriller tipsters and gorgeous gallery, it has been quite a wild and fun ride for all of us. Let’s all go down memory lane then and refresh our memories!

Photokina - The Future is Analogue – See how Lomography showed everyone at the biggest digital camera convention in the world how the future is analog!
Music in the Desert - This was Coachella 2009 – How do you cover a concert int he middle of the desert? Read on to find out!
What's in a Word? The New Lomographic Glossary – Do you know your Lomographic A-B-Cs? Fookshit walks us through the virtual alphabet of lomographic terms.
95 Theses by Gerald Matt – Yes, there are 95 theses of Lomography to guide your life by. Take them to heart!
Endless Panorama with Diana F+ – You need not be confined to a single 6×6 frame with your Diana! Follow the detailed instructions and you can have your own endless panorama!
“A Lomo LC-A Love – The “Dirk”== Collection==":http://www.lomography.com/magazine/blog/2009/06/09/a-lomo-lc-a-love-the-dirk-collection – Watch Lomodirk’s constant love affair with the Lomo LC-A grow with each of the prized items in his collection.
An Incredible Lomography Story From A NYC PopUpShop Visitor – Read on for a heartwarming tale of how Lomography changed one’s life for the better!

See You Around - a Film by Chaweemek – Yes this is the ever famous ‘Lomo-Matrix’ movie from our friends in Thailand! If you haven’t seen this yet, better get ready to be blown away!

KRUNG-S-TEP from SoSharp on Vimeo.

Krung - S - Tep - A LomoMovie from Thailand – From the master film makers of Thailand, we present you with another of their fantastic creations!

Cannes Film Festival 2009 – See if you can spot the celebs! This indie film festival is the perfect place to snap away with our analog tools.

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