I am in Love with Film

2012-05-30 1

Some film experiments using lomo’s tungsten film and Fisheye camera. I used lomo’s tungsten film, which added some juicy flavors similar to Instagram, while it seems like a very cool app, just about anyone can be a good photographer by using it therefore diminishing the overall film experience.

It doesn’t make me feel happy because any “old” crappy photos can be “good”. However it is still cool though as I love looking at photos of my friends’ posts on Facebook via Instagram. This is just my personal conflict. I don’t have a smart phone regardless so I have to stick to the old-school techniques.

I am falling in love with film with the same enchantment as a princess in a Hans Christian Andersen tale; fine, gorgeous, beautiful, naughty and quite expensive to maintain! I am unemployed right now, so what do you expect? I cannot afford you, film!

I forgot to mention, I used my Fisheye camera with Fuji film (whatever was available at CVS). It seemed to work out pretty well.

I developed six rolls of films at Lomo and they charged me about $91. Ouch, but they were of incomparable quality compared to the drug store’s quality. Lomo is one of the best places to develop your film!

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  1. brandkow93
    brandkow93 ·

    lomography is basically the digital version of instagram, take a crappy photo, cross process the film and it is "good" due to the colours, i love the lomography community as it brings photographers together, but cross proccessing film is mearly a distraction from a poor image (in most cases).

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