Cannes 2012: Interview with Director & Writer Cédric


The Festival is coming to an end but the Croisette is still crowded and our booth keeps welcoming movie professionals and enthusiasts. Read after the jump to know more about the interesting personalities we’ve met, such as Cedric who is a director and a writer.

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First name : Cedric
Last name : Desbonnet

Hello Cedric, what do you do ?
I’m a director and a writer.

Can you tell us a bit more about it ?
I work on ideas, alongside another writer.

Why are you here at the Cannes FIlm Festival ?
I’m here in Cannes to introduce my ideas and my projects. Then, I need to find a production company, funds and also to start the casting. The main step is really to find a production company, because when you have it, everything gets much easier to find.

Is it the first time you come here for the Festival ?
No, I come every year since 2004.

Do you have any special souvenir of the Festival ?
The small live concert of U2 on the stairs of the Palais in 2007, where they played four or five tracks of to introduce their big concert that would be recorded in 3D.

What does a typical day in Cannes look like during the Festival ?
You’re constantly running everywhere. I try to see as much movies as I can, but I’m also having appointments all the time, between two screenings !

Did you see some movies already ? Which ones ?
So far, I’ve seen De rouille et d’os, Citadelle, Childish Games, Law Less, Cosmopolis…

Do you know the LomoKino?
I already know Lomography but I didn’t know about the LomoKino…

What does the Festival bring you, on a personnal and on a professionnal level ?
The Festival is the key for meeting new people. You have to go if you want to grow your network, but going only once is useless. You have to go every year to show that you are here to last and that you’re motivated to work in the movie industry. However, you kinda feel frustrated when you here and when you don’t have any specific movie to show, or if you don’t have any movie in the official selections.

Thanks a lot to Cédric for spending time at our booth ! We really wish that his projects will take him far, and maybe in a few years, be part of an official selection in Cannes !


2012 Cannes Film Festival
from May 16th to 27th

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