ASHES @ Lomography Gallery Store Berlin – The Great LomoKino Mubi Launch in the Rear View Mirror


We are finally back on earth from the Great Berlin LomoKino Movienight, collecting empty glasses and the abandoned remnants of consumed popcorn boxes. What a night! Read more after the break.

Lomography teamed up with the online movie portal to introduce the beautiful white and dotted LomoKino Mubi Edition. And we at Lomography Gallery Store teamed up with you, our friends and guests, to celebrate this happening in the one and only appropriate way: With a red carpet, sparkling wine and tons of popcorn!

Credits: lomographyberlin

The Lomographic Lichtspielhaus (= “Lomographic Cinema”) opened doors at 6 pm, and the first guests were strolling in right away. Everybody wanted to see and admire the pretty LomoKino Mubi and to watch the film snippet, which hides in each camera’s viewer! This snippet, showing first scenes from the forthcoming movie “Ashes” by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, turned out to be a real appetizer. We could hardly await the film! So we had a to eat a lot of popcorn and to drink a lot of sparkling wine to pass the time.

Credits: lomographyberlin

At 8 pm we were finally exited and proud to present the new short film by Palme d’Or winner Apichatpong Weerasethakul: “Ashes”.

Credits: lomographyberlin

“Ashes” reflects about love, pleasure and the destruction of memory, sharing the experience of the every day life with immense intimacy. For Apichatpong, Thailand – though full of beauty – is slowly moving towards darkness.

We and the audience were deeply moved by this meditative and melancholic piece of art. And despite all melancholy, there were also some funny scenes to laugh about. After the film the completely dazzling aftershow party started. But for this, we should do it like at the movies – and fade out. For the last pictures of the evening tended to be a bit… blurry.

We were happy to have all of you with us during this great and unforgettable evening!

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