Double Exposures Using Pop9 Film Reloaded into a 35mm Camera

2012-05-25 6

The Pop9 is an excellent way to create a solid background for double exposed film. Since the Pop9 produces 9 identical images the backdrop for each picture is consistent throughout the entire 35mm frame, which allows the reloaded film to focus on a particular subject.

I can give you some easy tips, which I learned on my first roll! Since the Pop9 loads its film from the right side of the camera to the left side, your images will come out “upside down” when double exposed. Try shooting the entire Pop9 roll while holding the camera upside down when capturing your images. So, yes, your shutter button will face towards your feet rather than up at the sky like normal.

Next, to assure the frames will line up as best as possible:

  • Load the Pop9 with film.
  • Close the back and take a “dummy” photo to advance the film. You will have to sacrifice the first 1-2 shots.
  • Open the back of the camera to see your film.
  • Once the film is advanced, take a permanent marker and mark where the film will start shooting by drawing a line right down the entire film negative.
  • Shoot the entire roll.
  • Rewind the roll and as soon as you feel the negative pull loose from the camera. STOP and open the back.
  • The tail end of the film should be out and ready to reload.
  • When reloading the film into another camera, use the line drawn with the permanent marker as an indicator of where the film should start.

I also made a list of everything that I shot with my Pop9. It helped me to have an idea of what I was double exposing my images against.

I reloaded my Pop9 roll of Lomography X-Pro 200 into my La Sardina and got some pretty amazing results! This was a rad experiment and can easily be done with any one of Lomography’s Multilens series and a full frame 35mm camera. Enjoy!

The Pop 9 takes nine identical images on one print. Transform your environment into explosions of pattern-repeating pop-art with the Pop 9. See it with the rest of our Multilens cameras here!

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  1. realmustache
    realmustache ·

    you got some neat results. i might have to give something like that a go

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  3. chilledvondub
    chilledvondub ·

    this is an awesome idea i might try it with my robot 3 sampler and another camera :)

  4. glitteratti
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    i LOVE this x

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    pearlgirl77 ·

    great.. i would try this since a view months.. now i dooo it ! :)

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    Awesome! I always wanted to try that....

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