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This week’s featured Analogue Lifestyle article is “Meeting a Grave in Slovenia.” Halloween can’t come sooner as this submission by luxxx is the perfect read if you want a bit of a scare or suspense this summer! Kind of makes you look over your shoulder afterwards…

Photos by luxxx

“Here’s a story about an unexpected encounter with an open grave in the woods nearby Maribor in Slovenia. I didn’t have a camera with me, so I bought the next day a Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash Disposable 35mm camera and made these pictures. The story I made is based on a dream I had the night after I went to this grave.”

“Instead of skulls and bones, dark water started coming up, spreading a suffocating smell… I felt dizzy and saw red flashes and vague images. I tried to recognize them. My brain was reeling. Suddenly, I saw in a flash the face of a child. Then, it disappeared in a flash of violet/white light.”

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We picked this article because, like any freaky horror flick, the images were so frightening—heightened further by luxxx’s narrative—that we had to cover our eyes as we scrolled down the screen! We were so curious about the creepiness yet we couldn’t look away. A truly gripping read that makes you look over your shoulder afterwards. Who’s there!?!

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