Wilderness Hotel and Golf Resort


Really cool waterpark and golf resort located at the Wisconsin Dells. Lots of water slides, hot tubs, lazy rivers, wave pools and fun to be had. =D

The Wisconsin Dells ( http://wisdells.com/ ) are the junction of two districts, Lake Delton and the Dells area. Are located in the state of Wisconsin (WI) at approximately 2 hours by car from Milwaukee (WI), 1 and 1/2 hours from Madison (WI) and 3 and 1/2 hours from Chicago (IL). They are a really cool and sought after place mostly by families, the reason for that being its well earned title of Water park Capital of the World! That is right! As a matter of fact the math is quite astounding. More than 20 indoor and outdoor water parks dot the landscape in this city. Among the biggest of those figures the Wilderness.

The Wilderness ( http://www.wildernessresort.com/ ) itself is a huge resort is set on 600 acres. Its said to be America’s largest waterpark resort and has over 12 football fields of water slides,hot tubs, lazy rivers, wave pools, golf, dining & nonstop family fun. This is actually one of the city`s year round Waterpark Resort due to its 3 indoor Waterparks (Klondike Kavern, Wild West and Wild Water Dome). Its got huge water slides such as the Hurricane, the Dueling Mammoths and the Black Hole.

I`m from Brazil and have done a Work and Travel program that took me right into the Wilderness (lol). I’ve worked as a lifeguard for 4 months there and my experiences at the Wilderness were the best possible, which makes it highly recommendable on my account! Oh… and its right across the street from Domino`s =D hmmmmmm

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    Cool location, very interesting

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