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Any Time, Any Place – Part Six

2012-06-13 31

The big launch day’s really close people! It’s so close we can actually smell it – no, we’re not telling you what it smells like. We do however have another cryptic clue. Can you see it? What is it?

The hairy arm has returned! But what’s that it’s holding? Good question! You’ll see soon enough! Woohoo! We’re excited too!

written by webo29 on 2012-06-13 #news #anytime-anyplace-mystery-product #mystery #mystery-product #analogue #product #launch


  1. telephonewolf
    telephonewolf ·

    A lot of folks are saying that this is a 110 fisheye camera. I am hoping it's not a fisheye. A fish eye attachment would be fine.... but ANOTHER fisheye-only camera???? I seriously hope not!
    110 Color film would be spectacular.... a regular 110 camera with macro and fisheye attachments would be perfect.

  2. mangaman
    mangaman ·

    I totally agree, just a plain 110 camera seems perfect

  3. derjuli
    derjuli ·

    Think this

  4. rav_bunneh
    rav_bunneh ·

    Why doest the hand have 5 fingers and 1 thumb? That's a bit odd.

  5. telephonewolf
    telephonewolf ·

    Why another fisheye?

  6. oanatam
    oanatam ·

    FROOOOOOOG :))))

  7. blazie
    blazie ·

    That DEFinitely looks like a La Sardina he's holding… so, 110 La Sardina? It has to be. I think that means we've all lucked out and won't end up with another camera dedicated solely to fisheye.

  8. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I was really hoping it was not a Demikin 110 :( I would have liked another 120 camera option or some fun film.

  9. realrampage
    realrampage ·

    it's a horizon perfekt 110 ^_____^

  10. telephonewolf
    telephonewolf ·

    I don't think it's another La Sardina. La Sardina is not as thin. If it is a La Sardina... they reconfigured the body to perhaps incorporate 110 film.... Hmmmmm.

  11. manus21
    manus21 ·

    110 camera without a macro lens instead of a fish eye would be great. don't really get all the fish eye hype. It's a cool look, but...not all the time.
    Anyway, looking forward to tomorrow... :)

  12. kpaolo
    kpaolo ·

    Holga Baby 110

  13. dsmccrac
    dsmccrac ·

    As I am staring at my lovely orca mini pod that I am going to use with my insanely sweet pocket instamatic 60, I will share in the 110 hope and love. More Film or a camera would be awesome. I also hope it is not a fisheye camera (I have not hate on the fisheye but hope it will be more all purpose). If it is a sardinia-esque 110 that would be OK!

  14. sedgetone
    sedgetone ·

    If it's a mini Sardina - which I think it is - I just hope we don't get 20+ versions of it!

  15. kf4kco
    kf4kco ·

    @sedgtone I hope you're right and I'd expect it to do multiple formats like square, wide, and fish eye...

  16. lofiwill87
    lofiwill87 ·

    A 110 mini version of the Anscoflex or the Rolleiflex

  17. stefan-west-507
    stefan-west-507 ·

    A 35mm rangefinder with multiple exposure switch? with a 2.8 lens?

  18. lomonesia
    lomonesia ·

    fisheye 110 film? (CANT WAIT!!!)

  19. stelling
    stelling ·

    Not sure about it but my dream would be a 110 LC-A+!

  20. liliac
    liliac ·

    the shadow looks like a frog..!

  21. iamtheju
  22. dikasapi
    dikasapi ·

    baby holga?

  23. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    I hope it's not 110. I can hardly afford 135. but £6.90 + £13 per film and you only get 24 exposures.
    135 all the way please. i would like a new fisheye where the lens doesn't intrude on the flash.
    I want a camera that will fit into my pocket, takes 35mm film, with a built in flash that takes AA, also with a half frame setting (like diana mini) and obv Bulb & MX. GO!

  24. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    the hand is holding a cartridge of 100 film?
    Maybe like the hedgehog camera, see

  25. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    link was messed up, here it is again

  26. sanfong
    sanfong ·

    Any Time Any Place... silhouette of a frog head... my guess will be "Frog water camera"

  27. amisund
    amisund ·

    It would make a lot of sense for them to lauch a 110mm camera since they recently starting selling a 110mm film

  28. sanfong
    sanfong ·

    oh looking back at the photo in Part 3... the dof in the photo was shallow.. could it be larger format like 120 format with lens has macro capability which focal length goes crazily to 1cm?!! and can take 24x35 photo too??!! with my guess previously, Frog water camera... Think a real frog eyeing on insects.... hmmm..

  29. wersofcked
    wersofcked ·

    It's a 110 fisheye camera guys!

  30. aanum
    aanum ·

    the release parties are all called something like huge or biggest or whale of a party maybe these are clues :)

  31. casperxd
    casperxd ·

    look at the height of the 'thing' in the photo
    maybe a 110 twin reflect lens camera

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