Fujifilm Says Goodbye to APS Film

2012-05-24 4

Another one bites the dust. Fuji Film Imaging Systems, Inc. has officially announced the end of sales for Advanced Photo System (APS) films, production of which already stopped in July 2011. While it hasn’t been a popular format for a while now, the news still brings an analogue frown to our faces.

Nexia, Fuji’s APS Film. Photos via camerarepairer, camerahacker, and sundgren

Japanese photo imaging corporation Fujifilm announced on May 22, 2012 that they will no longer be selling APS film. Production of the 24mm cartridge ceased in July last year and after 10 months of exhausting their stocks, they’ve finally cut the rope for APS.

First produced in 1996, it was marketed by FujiFilm under the brand name Nexia, by Kodak as Advantix, by AgfaPhoto as Futura, and by Konica as Centuria. At least its name lives on today via “APS-C sensors” found in consumer DSLRs and mirrorless cameras today.

Film discontinuation news, like Kodak killing Ektachromre and Elite Chrome, always dampens analogue spirits. But fret not, dear Lomographers! We’ve got a steady supply of your favourite 35mm, 120, and even 110 films, so rest assured your future will remain analogue! ;-)

In memoriam, here are some Fujifilm Nexia APS film photos from the community:

Credits: blue-dog, juznobsrvr, pangmark, ck_berlin & copefan

Sources include Fujifilm, Wikipedia, PetaPixel, and The Verge.

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  1. denisesanjose
    denisesanjose ·

    Thanks for the photos, @blue-dog, @juznobsrvr, @pangmark, @ck_berlin, @copefan, and @isabel_mebarak!

  2. isabel_mebarak
    isabel_mebarak ·

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh thanks! :D :D Great news!!!!

  3. chib3h
    chib3h ·

    D: I still use an apx film camera... Hopefully there are still stocks around

  4. robotmonkey1996
    robotmonkey1996 ·

    good riddance... so inefficient and annoying to use.

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