Life Is a Party With the New La Sardina Splendour!

2012-06-01 1

The Lomography La Sardina Splendour is brand new and beautiful. I brought it with me around New York City to test it out! Take at the photos and read more about this camera after the jump!

This picture is from the official press release by Lomography. The Splendour set includes everything pictured above and trust me, it is all going to get regular use!

As the latest Metal Edition of the La Sardina family, the Splendour is sturdy and has all of the best parts Lomography can put into any camera. This camera has only seen three rolls pass through it so far but it has had no problems and it continues to function phenomenally even though I drop it sometimes. Lomography has really outdone themselves on the build of this camera. The body is absolutely perfect.

The exploration started when I loaded a pack of standard Lomography Color Negative 400 film.

I started shooting right away using the Fritz the Blitz flash included. This particular Fritz the Blitz is only available with the Splendour edition.

Multiple exposures were super easy and the 1/100 speed shutter was perfect with the flash and the 400 speed film. multiple exposures came out clean and natural.

After that roll was over I switched over to the Kodak Portra 160 Color Negative film.

The shutter speed was too fast for doing single exposures with the Fritz the Blitz. Multiple exposures have these beautiful layers to them because each layer exposes the film just a little bit more. I would highly recommend switching over to the bulb shutter speed to let in more light if you decide to shoot indoors like I have.

Outdoor shots in the daytime with 400 speed film did a lot better than expected as well with single exposures, double exposures, and triple exposures.

The key thing to remember is that the f-stop is always set at f-8 and the normal shutter speed is 1/100 of a second. Don’t forget to focus!

With all of that being said, all-in-all this is my new favorite camera. Everything about this package is perfect. The only difficult part is that you have to wrestle the colored flash filters off if you put them on in a snug fashion. I loved swapping color filters and getting multiple exposures. The design is so eye-catching that everyone wanted to play with this at each party.

I highly recommend it!

Check out all of the photos I have from my Splendour so far on my LomoHome!

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