Lomography Colorsplash: Simplicity and Portability with a Twist!

2012-05-29 2

In a interesting turn of events, I ended up with a Colorplash camera as a gift from a stranger. After over a year of owning this little white wonder, I finally fell in love. Read all about it after the jump!

Life with my Colorsplash camera is so colorful!

Having been a die-hard fan of my eBay-acquired Minolta X-370 (complete with three different lenses and a cable-release), I hadn’t given much thought to the simplicity and portability provided by my Lomography Colorsplash. After all, it was given to me by a complete stranger, for free, and I did no work in acquiring it. The thrill of the chase was not there for me. While I had dedicated much time to both my SLR and my Diana F+, the Colorsplash camera lay gathering dust.

My earliest attempts at colorsplashing.

I took it out for a few rolls, and it began to make its mark: the subtle soft focus, intense color saturation, and the quirky color wheel provided me with a couple of rolls of film-worth fun. My little white Colorsplash, however, took the backseat to my other great camera acquisitions: I was soon the owner of a Fuji Natura Classica, a Sprocket Rocket, and a La Sardina Cubic. But when life began to get complicated, I found myself going back to the Colorsplash more and more. Over the course of a year the little guy began to grow on me. I found myself yearning for an easy and fun solution in shooting.

More early Colorsplashing.

Finally, after a year of ownership, it happened: I fell in love. Or perhaps I had been in love all along. With only an AA battery and a few color gels, the Colorsplash is always ready to go in a blink of an eye. I found myself admiring photos I had taken in the past, the bulb mode “accidents” I attributed to my clumsiness. I wanted to branch out with the colorsplash, so instead of taking it with me in all the familiar places, I decided it should be one of my on-hand cameras to take into the unknown. Things got even more exciting when I figured out the color gels in the wheel were interchangeable!

When I began falling in love, I thought the “accidents” were prettiest.

I began a journey into the world of Lomography, and with me I took my Colorsplash. As I accumulated more and more cameras, I began to teach myself everything about photography I had never known. One day, I came across a term that changed shooting with the Colorsplash for me, second-curtain flash. Basically, in bulb mode, the flash will not fire until after the long exposure. This allows for funky ambient light, even light painting in long exposures, while still illuminating a subject with a splash of colorful light. It changed the way I began to shoot with my Colorsplash, and made it more fun for me to imagine the possibilities.

Fully enjoying the second-curtain!

While there’s not much to this little workhorse, its simplicity and portability remain important aspects of this camera to me. The little extras, like the color wheel and the second-curtain flash, really changed the way I feel about the Colorsplash camera, and it has become an essential part of my everyday shooting. I even bought the colorsplash flash to attach to any of my hotshoe cameras, but that second curtain flash is the selling point for me. I now appreciate this little camera in ways I never had before!

It’s true love now with my Colorsplash.

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  1. djramsay
    djramsay ·

    I love my colorsplash, I'm on my 2nd and have just bought my girlfriend the colorsplash pigeon :D
    Fantastic article
    Take a look at my photos :)

  2. camerabrain
    camerabrain ·

    I think these look cool

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