The House


“The best” skate park in Sheffield. I would definitely recommend a visit to this place if you are in to your skateboarding or rollerblading, but leave your bike at home as they are not welcome here.

The biggest indoor skatepark near me is The House in Sheffield. Its perfect for skating when its wet and cold outside. It boasts a shop, amazing graffiti and of course the massive play area that is the skatepark. It frequently hosts competitions and jams and even has its own team of skaters.

The large wooden playground is separated into 2 bits, the first being a small mini ramp set up that everyone uses as a warm up and the rest features a street layout with roll in ramps at either end and several funboxes in between. Its very cheap and the prices are as follows “It costs £2.50 for 1 hour, £3.50 for two hours, £4.50 for three hours, £5.50 for four hours, £6.50 for five hours and £7 for all day. Membership cost £1 and lasts forever! (as long as you don’t loose your card).”

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  1. lomosexual_manboy
    lomosexual_manboy ·

    Ooh, that mini ramp and euro gap would keep me busy for a long time. This place looks awesome.

  2. jaminsemirang
    jaminsemirang ·

    Whoaa, the skate park looks really nice. There are some skate parks around my place but they just seem not too friendly. I wished I could do ollie *deep sigh*

  3. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    Let's skate!

    Seemed like such an innocent toy
    Got a skate at eight years old
    He was the All-American boy
    Now the story can be told

    Beware he's possessed to skate!

    Skating takes him up in height
    He's a pilot on a modern flight
    See him flying through the air

    If he don't land then he don't care
    When he skates-he skates
    Cause he never hesitates
    Cause he rips-he rips
    Like a modern gladiator ain't got no fears
    He's the wizard on the wheels
    So skate

    He shoots the pool like a launching pad
    Skating is all that's on his mind
    If it ain't insane then you can't get rad
    He's skating radical all the time

    Beware he's possessed to skate!

    Six foot airiels inverts backside
    Looks like a magic carpet ride

    Optical illusion it must be
    He redefines insanity

    Doesn't understand why you'd wanna walk
    Ain't got time to sit and talk
    Used to be just like you and me

    Now he's an outcast of society
    Beware he's possessed to skate!

    And the skating's getting radical

  4. stouf
    stouf ·

    Super cool graph in N°3 !

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