Lightning Pop! Using Fritz the Blitz Color gels with Your La Sardina

2012-05-25 5

Tired of the same old colors you’re getting with plain flash photography? Want your ultra-wide La Sardina shots to pop with color? Grab your Fritz the Blitz and meet me after the jump!

Read more below about how to get this effect!

What you will need:

If you’re lucky, you are in possession of the amazing Fritz the Blitz flash! I was excited to use the distance feature on the back of my Fritz the Blitz so that I wouldn’t wash out my nighttime or low-lit photos when I wanted to shed some light on the situation. But I soon realized that my favorite, and perhaps most understated advantage of having Fritz was the snap-on color gels!

After I shot my very first roll through my La Sardina Cubic, I was most excited to see the shots I took using Fritz the Blitz, mostly because I have never owned a flash with the option of choosing a distance. When I began to scan my first roll, a humble Lomography 100 CN, I nearly lost my head, finding that the color gels I popped on for fun gave me insane results!

In the following photo, I used a different color gel for each exposure next to a dark background:

Credits: megzeazez
More shots from my first roll with La Sardina and Fritz the Blitz

Owning so many cameras, however, I am ashamed to say I neglected my new La Sardina for a good month before picking her back up again. After shooting a second roll without much thought, I waited a week or so before getting the negatives back. Now, I have to say, after scanning THIS roll, in which I used color gels on every multiple exposure I did, my little sardine-can friend and her partner Fritz the Blitz are quickly becoming one of my favorite lomography teams! I noticed the more I experimented with different colors and number of exposures, I began to see more and more interesting results!

The color of the graffiti I used as a texture really comes out when contrasted with my boyfriend’s black shirt:

Credits: megzeazez

A yellow color gel gives a surreal look to this self-portrait:

Credits: megzeazez

So, I encourage you to try these tips which gave me such great results on my first few rolls with La Sardina and Fritz the Blitz:

  • Use snap-on color gels to get a pop of color in your photos
  • Use more than one color gel on a multiple-exposed shot
  • With a lower ISO film and color gel, increase amount of distance on back of Fritz
  • Try multiple exposures with a dark or black background
  • Use different color gels and expose the same shot twice
More shots from my second roll!

Don’t forget those meek and simple-looking plastic gels, they can really make the difference in your flash photography! Happy shooting!

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  1. breakingmyself
    breakingmyself ·

    I've also been using the Fritz the Blitz alot with my La Sardina, the only downside is that the colour gels are a pain to un-clip! I feel like I'm going to snap the flash lol, must be a knack to it :D

  2. crowdizzle
    crowdizzle ·

    Nice article. I too have a cubic :-)
    As for the filters, I found that attaching them sideways lets me unclip the filters faster, since they arent in the clip grooves on top and bottom of the flash. Helps with switching filters back and fourth as the only thing holding it there is friction. But it works! ;-P

  3. mjouty
    mjouty ·

    Nice article, but I need first a Fritz the Blitz for my cameras, but iIT'S BEEN OUT OF STOCK FOR TWO MONTHS!!! IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! ='(

  4. hector_r
    hector_r ·

    I second what @crowdizzle says. It's easier if you clip them sideways.

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