Boris the Pass-On-Lomo stayed over at Omar Kbiri's


Boris just finished his very first sleepover! The past two weeks he stayed over at creative entrepreneur Omar Kbiri. Read on to see what mayhem they caused together!

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

Who exactly is Omar Kbiri? The name Omar K. sounds a bit like a psychologically insane individual that likes to pull the saddles off of kids bikes. But that’s not really what he’s about. Omar Kbiri is a movement, a connoisseur, a happy go lucky, fun filled human snowball that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. His avalanche of ideas and creations have already destroyed many chalets and his passion is infectious. You don’t embark on an adventure with Kbiri, he IS the adventure! Where many a man just stayed a dreamer, Omar just goes for it and grabs life by the balls. He didn’t wait for doors to open, he just kicked them in, and now he has the keys.
(by James Worthy)

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

Where did Boris end up and what does his life look like?
Boris ended up in the life of Omar Kbiri. At the moment of his arrival my life was pretty normal. For Boris’ sake I decided not to go climbing any lightning rods. Apparently he has a thing against heights. Other than that, my life is pretty good.

How did Boris end up with you?
I found a little add on Marktplaats (the Dutch version of Craigslist) where he said he was looking for a friendship in any shape or form. Since his asking price was pretty low I contacted him and that’s pretty much how it all started. I did tell hm it would be short, just 2 weeks and he’d have to find another partner in crime.

Did you know Lomography or is this all new to you?
I did know about Lomography but I didn’t really know that much about photographing with rolls anymore. It was a bit weird not being able to see the result straight away. It’s a bit like watching a soccer game while you’re in the stadium. You keep expecting to see a replay of the goal they just made.

How did you like having Boris around?
I loved it! It was a lot of fun having him with me.

How did Boris become part of your life in the past two weeks?
As you might know I have an Afghan hound and he has to sleep on the balcony for two weeks. Boris had to sleep in his bench. Which is right next to the fireplace and the Chesterfield I inherited from my grandfather. Boris does have a taste for vodka by the way. It resulted in long nights and headaches on my part. Thanks to Boris I got to shoot reminders of those nights…

What subject was your favorite to photograph?
Living creatures, like the people around me.

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

What did the people you encountered say about Boris?
They found him extremely cute. Thanks to Boris I have a entire Rolodex filled with phone numbers of the most beautiful women in Amsterdam. It’s a bit like having a baby or a puppy and walking in the sun as a single man. Only withou a baby. Or a puppy.

Would you like to experiment some more with the Lomography cameras?

Where would you like to take Boris?
If he pays? Madagascar.

What mission are you giving Boris’ next caretaker?
Be kind and gentle with Boris, give him pretty things to look at and he’ll be fine. He’s a pretty sturdy guy.

Credits: borisdedoorgeeflomo

Every three weeks you’ll be able to read and see what Boris has been up to with his caretakers. Want more than just an update every three weeks? Become friends with Boris on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.

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