Team Up Your Lomography Fisheye Baby 110 with the Ringflash!

2012-06-27 2

Make your Lomography Fisheye Baby 110 a flashing Ringflash Monster, and colorsplash away on pocket 110 film! All you need is an x-synchro flash plug and a Ringflash Cable and then connect the right ends!

To max the fun with your miniature camera, here’s how you can connect it with the Lomography Ringflash which always was a perfect match with the bigger Fisheye Cameras.

What you will need:

  • Cutter knife
  • Soldering tools or electrical tape or small shrink hose

Test if you connected the right cables before you are solder or tape the wire! Remember, hands off before pressing the Release Button!

Credits: somapic

*Editor’s note: If you don’t have access to any soldering tools, remember that you can also get the PC Flash Adaptor from the Lomography Shop and use the cable that comes with the Ringflash!

The Lomography Ringflash is the most amazing electronic flash you’ll ever encounter. It completely surrounds your lens and throws a burst of perfectly even light onto your subject. Don’t wait to experience this – get your own at the Shop now!

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  1. dudizm
    dudizm ·

    do you have some picture to show the result !?

  2. somapic

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