Flashbacks on Film: The Nylon Stocking Test


In this edition of Flashbacks on Film, we’ll learn a bit about photographer Maurice Broomfield and his photographs of people at work. The focus is on one of his photos entitled The Nylon Stocking Test. Read more after the break.

Photo via Iconic Photos

Maurice Broomfield was a photographer known for his post-war photography. He started his career taking photos of devastated places in Europe, and on one occasion was asked to photograph a factory. This was the beginning of a new road in his career. Since then, his focus became industrial life. He took photographs of painters, people at work in motor companies, factories, and so much more.

The photo above is entitled ‘The Nylon Stocking Test, Pontypool’ taken in 1957. A mannequin’s leg wearing stockings is seen in the foreground, while a lab technician works in the background. Broomfield’s work is regarded as avant-garde and presents industrial spaces as art, instead of busy and cluttered environments. Each photograph that he took of the workers in their environments was an homage to the work that they did in their respective fields. You can view more if his photos at Maurice Broomfield.

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