LomoSongs: Mixing Lomography and Music


In this article, I mixed two of my favorite hobbies: Lomography and music. Read about three photo stories inspired by songs after the jump!

Yes, I must confess it. I am addicted to music. In fact, I love it so much that I am not sure if I could live without it. I love walking with my headphones on and just press the random mode button on my MP3 player. Later, turn up the volume until there’s nothing around me but music—no street noise or voices and I feel escaped of everything. Furthermore, I like to imagine how the lives of all those people around me are and my thoughts can change depending on the rhythm, the melody or even the lyrics of the song I am listening to.

One day, I woke up feeling that I want to do something different in this specially sunny morning and so, listening to Joe Lovano, I had an idea: to take pictures inspired by songs. Immediately, I took my Diana F+, loaded an Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 film, created a playlist with about my 200 favourite songs, and went out to look for adventures to immortalize. Here, you have some of my “LomoSongs” and their own brief story.


The first song was VCR by The XX. Sincerely, I feel a special affection for this song because it’s part of the soundtrack of my own love story. It was not difficult to imagine what it suggested to me and therefore, what I wanted to photograph: A conversation between two lovers in an off-camera background. I imagined them together, in two side by side windows without too much sunlight. So, I searched for buildings with courtyards and finally…Voilà!. After several attempts, while the hypnotic VCR's rhythm was playing, I shot my Diana!


While I was walking around the city, a few songs were played randomly but none of them inspired me. Suddenly, Day Dreams by Raphael Saadiq started to sound and at the same time, an old woman passed running after two dogs. She must be her owner because she scolded them, tied them to a wastebasket and came into a bakery. I took advantage of the frenetic rhythm of the song to accelerate my steps in order to reach the small dogs and then, shoot my camera. However, the picture is not technically perfect because I took it on impulse without thinking. In fact, I was afraid their owner could get angry with me and would run off, scold and tie me into the wastebasket too!


After this high-level stress moment I decided to sit on a bench to have a break. I was reflecting on what have just happened: “Shi*! I took the picture through backlighting! The little dogs’ face will be dark”, I lamented while my mp3 was playing The Ocean by Richard Hawley. I felt a sense of sadness. I really wanted to shoot something feeling depressed but…oh, oh.

The song was over and then The Drifters began to sound with a beautiful song named This Magic Moment. And magically, I saw a man carrying a flowers bouquet waiting for the red light to change. I quickly imagined this man had those flowers for his wife (you know, I love to imagine people’s lifes) and without any hesitation I stood up, approached the man and I took the pic. He noticed and looked at me but he just smiled and said something even though I didn’t hear. I smiled him too and followed him a few steps. I stopped and observed him walking away. As If I were intoxicated with The Driffters' music I came up and shot again. The surprise came when I went to reveal my pictures: I forgot to advance the roll-film and I did this double exposure. Yes, this was a true magic moment!

Well, I hope you enjoyed these three stories. And remember, if you want to do something different and you love music, try to do the same as me and share your results!. It can be really funny. In my next article I will upload other “LomoSongs” with their own stories. Meanwhile, you can see my Lomosongs' album and listen to their corresponding track list at spotify.

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