The University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus


The first purpose-built UK university campus in a foreign country. The University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus.

The 101-acre (0.41 km2) campus is not only meant for education. For me, it’s an art at the same time. There are several structures which is attractive enough to conquer your films. (well, at least they killed many of my films.) The huge man made lake with a pedestrian bridge crossing over it is the most romantic place in the whole campus.

Not to forget also the administration building topped with an elegant clock tower. And faculty buildings in red, yellow, green, blue and purple are as lovely too. Well well, you got to reserve some films for the ducks around the lake too. There are 18 of it. (no, I did not count the ducks but the security officer said so.) The combination formed a perfect piece of art.

My favourite spot for taking lomographs? Of course the lake during evening. Sunset + water = perfect couple, aren’t they? Pay a visit to the university during its open day. and don’t forget to bring your lomo cameras along!

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Nice sunsets for sure !

  2. uslan
    uslan ·

    Are there as many stabbings in Nottingham's enclave in Malaysia as there are in the real thing?

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