A Pigale-Montmartre Visit!


Paris can be a lot of things: romantic, funny, awesome, and glamorous but Pigale can be electric! The Moulin Rouge, the Erotic Museum, and some sex toys stores mark this place. Take a few more steps, leave Pigale behind, climb the hill, and find Montmartre and the Sacre Couer Church!

As it was my second time in Paris, I wanted to visit Pigale and see the Moulin Rouge. Pigale is a neighborhood often related to some crime and thieves. Well, actually I found it nice and no worries about that. I didn’t walk as much as I wanted through this neighborhood but it’s easy to see the sex trade in there. I entered a huge sex toy store. I didn’t realize there were a lot of things as there were in there…hehehe! At night, it’s a place that offers a lot of diversion.

Near the metro station there’s a big circle platform which expels air from below. Lomographers, it’s a great chance to take some photos of Marilyn Monroe wannabes.

After some photos of the Moulin Rouge and a coffee at Starbucks we kept on going, this time climbing and climbing towards Montmartre, and after, to the Sacre Coeur.

It’s a nice neighborhood, Montmartre. I advise you to eat some crepes over there. In a small square, you can find a lot of different artists. All of them want you. They take pictures, they paint, they even cut your silhouette in paper right there, just standing and watching you.

After that, walk some few more meters and you’ll find the Sacred Heart Church or Sacre Coeur! It’s a beautiful church. In front of it you have a splendid view over Paris.

There are a lot of stairs that lead you down to the end of that hill. Those stairs are usually full with people watching another Paris attraction: Iya Traoré! He’s a football talent. He can delight you with his football art. It’s really amazing, even for who those who doesn’t like football!

Enjoy it!

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